What are some of the measures used by the government to resolved over population in the Philippines?

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As far as I know, the RH Bill (now RH Law, if I'm not mistaken), is probably the only measure taken by the current government to somehow control the population of the country.
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How did the US govern Puerto Rico and the Philippines?

The United States did not make Puerto Rico a protectorate. Instead, it governed Puerto Rico as a territory, as it did the Philippines. The Foraker Act of 1900 established that the U.S. would appoint Puerto Rico's governor and the upper house of its legislature. Puerto Rican voters would elect the lo ( Full Answer )

What is the population of the Philippines?

Based on the Census of Population and Housing conducted by the National Statistics Office on May 1, 2010, the population of the Philippines is 92,337,852 for both sexes. As of 2009, the estimated population in the Philippines is 92,226,600 people. The majority of Filipinos (about 95%) are made up ( Full Answer )

What is the Philippines government?

The Government of the Philippines is called The Republic or Democratic form of government. In this type of government, the power is in the hand of the people, the majority. The officials are voted by the people, for the people and given power by the people of the Philippines.. Executive branch: ( Full Answer )

What was the debate over representation in congress resolved by?

During the Constitutional Convention, states had disagreements overwhether representation in Congress should be equal or based onpopulation. This was resolved by having a Congress made up of twohouses. The Senate has two representatives for each state, whilethe House representation is based on popul ( Full Answer )

What are some of the population issues in the Philippines?

over-use of natural resources contributed to the loss of main commodities that lead to high prices of products , malnutrition, high crime rate, and last is the poverty.. in still of their poveryt, they don't have any ideas of what will happen next due to ignorance of oneself and they are not capab ( Full Answer )

What are the causes of over population in the Philippines?

The biggest cause of overpopulation in the Philippines is the lack of education. People there don't have the knowledge on how to use a contraceptives. The big and powerful Roman Catholic Church (which basically controls the country) disapproves of any form of sexual education and birth contraceptive ( Full Answer )

The resolving power of a telescope is a measure of its?

The resolving power of a telescope is the ability to produce animage in which objects that are close together can be seenseparately. Resolving power is sometimes expressed in terms of the inverse ofthe minimum angle there must be between two points in order to seethem separated. This minimum angle ( Full Answer )

What is the Philippines' government?

a government is an agency of the state . a state is a group of people living in a defined territory, who govern themselves through a system of laws. the state governs over the affairs of the people it exercise power over persons and affairs under its jurisdiction. included in this power is the autho ( Full Answer )

How is conflict between political parties in the US government resolved?

ullaamba ao kuna warka Normally, I would remove the above nonsense, but given that it is actually an apt description of the aborted and ridiculous way that political parties communicate currently, it should stay. In the past, when cooperation was a desirable act for the American Political partie ( Full Answer )

Why did the US want control over the Philippines?

Because of the crucial location of the Philippines in Southeast Asia. America needed it both as a new market for Asia, due to the surplus of goods within it and it was essentially a scapegoat in which America uses to establish new prestige and attain the power of global dominance that it currently p ( Full Answer )

What were the disagreements over representation resolved by?

The disagreements during the debates were caused by the ideas that a larger state could dominate the power of a smaller state in the votes of two houses of Congress (The Virginia Plan) and that the balance of power in the new nation would be upset again. The resolution was the The New Jersey Plan: ( Full Answer )

How did the US get control over the Philippines?

The US defeated Spain in the Spanish-American War and demanded as part of the peace treaty that Spain sell the Philippines to the US. The US then fought Philippine nationalists who wanted to establish an independent nation. The US call this the Philippine Insurrection. The Filipinos call it the Ph ( Full Answer )

Should the Philippines help the US in resolving their economic crisis?

I'm a Filipino,,, for me its a no because we ourselves cannot do anything about this matter because many Filipino capitalists boycott our own products, thus it leads to unbalanced price of commodities.... such us rice...... and perhaps the us can resolve their own problem even without our h ( Full Answer )

Which US cities have population over 700000?

According to the 2000 US Census, 16. 1 New York City, New York- 8,310,212 2 Los Angeles, California- 3,834,340 3 Chicago, Illinois- 2,836,658 4 Houston, Texas- 2,208,180 5 Phoenix, Arizona- 1,552,259 6 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania- 1,449,634 7 San Antonio, Texas- 1,328,984 8 San Diego ( Full Answer )

Resolved that polygamy should be legalized in the Philippines?

Until we admit, that God, is the one who marries people, not the church, or government, we will never be able to solve this problem; however, if polygamy, was legal, there would some new problems, but the larger problems would work themselves out and are follows...First off, I wish to say this...I a ( Full Answer )

When did the US take over the Philippine Islands?

Depending on how you look at the history, the US took control of the Philippines in 1898 with the defeat of the Spanish, in 1899 with the signing of the peace treaty between the US and Spain, or in 1902 with the end of the Philippine Insurrection (Philippine-American War).

Why is over population bad for the us?

Let's say, for example, a species overpopulates. The species will soon eat all of it's food sources (bearys, plants, etc.) Then, it will die out. As a result, The USA will no longer have the species.

What are the advantages of using the tlm 300 distance measurer over a tape measure?

well for one thing it measures distances that are far longer than a tape measure could ever stretch. 200metres to be precise and some of these other reasons: · It has a Pythagoras function for remote measurement of high walls. · It can measure distances up to 200m which the tape measure c ( Full Answer )

How would you resolve gambling in the Philippines?

"Resolve"? Gambling is not a problem to be resolved. It's a valid and legitimate activity. What makes gambling in the Philippines contentious is that the revenues derived from the activity goes to a presidential slush fund. That's simply wrong. All revenues from gambling should be spent on education ( Full Answer )

How did the US exert control over the Philippines?

The US took control of the Philippines from Spain after the Spanish-American war (1898), and used its military to put down several revolts by the Filipinos. American interests controlled much of the industry and trade with the islands during the first half of the 20th century. Between World War I a ( Full Answer )

What US cities have a population of over 1000000?

According to the 2010 census, the top nine U. S. cities each has over one million residents: . New York, New York . Los Angeles, California . Chicago, Illinois . Houston, Texas . Philadelphia, Pennsylvania . Phoenix, Arizona . San Antonio, Texas . San Diego, California . Dallas, Texas

How can you prevent measures of over population in cats?

You can prevent measures of over population with cats by getting the male cat 'neureted' and by getting the female cat 'spayed '. This means that they won't be able to have sexual feelings for the opposite sex and so they won't want to breed anymore.

What happened in the Philippines when Spain governed the Philippines?

Spain passed on many traditions and Spanish cultures in the Philippines. This includes the embrace of the Roman Catholic Religion. It is also from the Spanish government that the Filipino people learned several virtues and cultures that are up to now practiced among locals. Although the Spanish regi ( Full Answer )

Why did the government over populate us to depopulate after?

its wierd that a few years ago they promoted so much sex and they still do! tv media music its out ther and now there tryn to depopulate us sumthings not right here... mayb in biblical and alluminaty terms THEY are just tryn to make us sin more Tepmting us basacly brainwashing us! the more people po ( Full Answer )

What are some advantages of using the international system of measurement SI over the English system of measurement?

Give me ONE advantage of NOT using SI measurement. Already knowing those archaic units and not knowing metric units is not an advantage, it's actually a disadvantage. The absolute simplicity of just moving a decimal point to change from one unit to another unit, is the reason for the change. It i ( Full Answer )

How was the government shutdown resolved?

Unfortunately for those people who were out of work, it tooksixteen days for a solution to be agreed upon. By most accounts,the final compromise was crafted by several women senators,including two Republican moderates (Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshireand Susan Collins of Maine), as well as some moderat ( Full Answer )

What is true about the population of the US over time?

Over time the US has seen a significant growth in its population.The US is currently the 3rd most populous country and has grownfrom 76 million in 1900 to over 308 million in 2010. It isestimated that the population will have grown to approximately 317million in 2014.

Are the people in the Philippines governed by the US?

literally no. but when it comes to thinking that majority of allthe large investments in Philippines are still from US thenprobably the US can still control anything they own in Philippines.:)