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What are some problems in US society?

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Poverty, War, global warming, drug attics, raping, killing, natural disasters (hurricane, earthquake, tornade, flood etc.) gangs, and more.

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What can fix society problems?

Facing your problems will fix society sometimes people face problems in society because they are running from their problems and not handling them and doing what they are suppose to do. in SOCIETY when you run from some things they always find a way back to you but in a more intensified way.

What are some of the problems with becoming an industrial society?

Some problems with becoming an industril society may include environmental cost, air more pulluted, and even more pollution.

What are common problems in society?

Some of today's problems in society would be teen pregnancy, hypocrisy, terrorism, child abuse, homelessness, politics, and religion

What are some ways that the American Revolution affected society?

Some ways revolution effects society is that it helped us get our freedom.

What were some of the problems that the US have as they entered ww1?

they faced economic problems and they faced problems with comunication with other countries

Importances of sociology?

sociology helps us to give solutions to social problems it enables the scientific study of society

How did basketball resolve the problems of society in 1981?

Basketball has not resolved problems in society at any time. It is a game and games are not meant to produce solutions to societies problems.

What are some problems with US economy?

no jobs or and social security.

What are problems that alcoholics can cause in society?

the problems are that others are influenced too

What problems do immigrants face in the US?

some problems that immigrants faced in America was language and housing problems, also racial discrimination and jobs.

What would be the problems of a totally equal society?

There never can be a totally equal society. If you read Marx you will realize that at some point the people on top will be replaced by the people on the bottom.

What were some problems immigrants faced in the US?

Some problems they faced were their language, money, clothes, and education. Life was hard for immigrants when they came to America.

What has the author H J Fleure written?

H J. Fleure has written: 'Some problems of society and environment'

Use society in a sentence?

Society is a community of people. An example of sentence using society is, there are many problems in society that need to be addressed.

Economic problems facing nigeria?

what are the central economic problems of the Nigerian society

What is the nature of social problems?

social problems are the problems that affect the society social problem becomes a social problem it affect social as social as a whole in some personal problem are not social problems. A social problem may be personal to you though.

What are some social problems faced by society?

Several social problems are faced by society every day. A number of them include alcoholism, global warming, abortion, drug control, poverty, women's rights, tax reform, human rights and homosexuality.

What are the problems that society has with wrestling?

The problem is they do not understand it.

What are the objectives of the law?

Prevent problems in our society.

What are the four ways society addresses health problems?

Society addresses health problems through medical advances, technology, public policy, and education.

What was the impact of the Chinese abacus on society?

It impacted society by making math problems easiers

How do the many characters in modernist fiction show the influeance Karl Marx's idea of alienation?

Some characters in modern fiction seem to be isolated from the rest of society and can't seem to mesh with it either because of problems with their own personalities or because of problems with society.

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