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What are some products made from plants?


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Food items for human and animal consumption


Lumber Paper Chemicals


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there is no products that are not made of plants, because we use plants to make all of the products to be complete

Most are synthetically made from plants, or plant products. If they are not made from plants, they are made from organic compounds and made into similar plant products.

Plastic isn't usually made from plants. It is usually made from petroleum products.

the waste products made by the plants as energy is released are oxygen and water.

Some products that come from plants are medicines, beauty products, rubber, fuels, dyes, fabrics, soaps, inks, and paper.

alot like clothes and food and lots

There are a number of products made in Australia Some of these products include Ugg Boots, certain Cadbury Chocolate products, and aboriginal art.

what are some of the leadind textile products that are made in north carolina

Yes, it is. Almost all human materials for hygene are made of plants

yes some clothes are made from plastic

Many and varied products are made by extrusion, including such diverse products as bricks and dog food.

Some products of biotechnology are: vinegar, soy sauce, medicine tablets or capsules, chips, cookies and many factory made or home made products.

Grains, pulses, cotton, vegetable oils etc. are all products of angiospermic plants

There are some kinds of rice paper that are really made from rice straw and rice flour. There are other products that are called rice paper that are made from other plants.

Some products are lubrecants for machines, meat, & fertilizer.

Plants get rid of carbon dioxide and oxygen through diffusion. Old branches and leaves are shed off when they become useless. Plants release some waste products through roots also. Some waste products are deposited near bark as raisins or gums.

In the past, all of the Avon cosmetic products said "Made in USA." However, many of the products are now made in China or Mexico. I believe some of the products are still made in USA.

carbondioxide, water and oxygen

Main product is glucose. Oxygen is also very important product

Plants grow because of light,water,nutrients (from the soil) and their by-products.

They are manufactured by Apple Incorporated. Some of their products are made in the United States in Apple factories. Other products are made in other countries. Lots of products are made in China at the Foxconn plant.

Chocolate and anything made from chocolate

there are few products made in england but here are some, Tea pots , a Rolls - Ryce

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