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What are some pros and cons of ethanol?


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August 03, 2014 3:13PM


  • First, ethanol is a renewable, relatively safe fuel that can be used with few engine modifications.
  • The second benefit of ethanol is that it can improve agricultural economies by providing farmers with a stable market for certain crops, such as maize and sugar beets.
  • third, using ethanol increases national energy security because some use of foreign petroleum is averted.
  • Ethanol is nontoxic and biodegradable, it quickly breaks down into harmless substances if spilled. Ethanol use reduces carbon monoxide and many toxic pollutants from the tailpipe of vehicles, making air cleaner.
  • Because ethanol is made from crops that absorb carbon dioxide and give off oxygen it has a potential to reduce greenhouse gas emission and help maintain the balance of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
  • It is a renewable energy (it means we can always produce it if we have the organic materials to spare)

It has many other advantages over gasoline at least it can be a permanent resource.

It would be far better if we didn't use the internal combustion engine whatever the fuel you use with it, but powers that be won't let that happen.


  • Burning it produces almost as much pollution as the petroleum
  • Growing it takes a lot of land and energy, and most crops are sprayed with pesticides
  • You get 12 to 15% less fuel mileage with it you don't get as good milage with ethanol as gasoline
  • It also drives up the price of our food as there isn't as much corn for the animals feed.
  • Ethanol corrodes iron parts slightly.
  • Some claim it is causing food shortages and driving up the cost of corn.