What are some sentences in which moon is used?


a. the celestial body that revolves around the earth from west to east;
b. this body as it appears during a particular lunar month or period of time, or at a particular time of the month.

Example sentences:
  1. The moon illuminates the sky with it's radiant light.
  2. Do wolves really howl during a full moon?
  3. The moon turns dark during a lunar eclipse.
  4. Some nations use the crescent moon on their flags as an emblem.

a. to behave in an idle, dreamy, or abstracted way, as when in love.
b. to expose one's buttocks to someone as a prank.

Example sentences:
1a. The happy couple mooned under the stars.
2a. The couples moon as if no one was around them.

3b. The streaker mooned the audience and was arrested.
4b. The students decided not to moon the principal on their last day of school.