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you can't really tell if someone is cheating on you or not so if you trust him then should'nt that be good enough??? if you don't trust him.......break up...... xxnataszaxx

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Q: What are some signs that your long distance boyfriend is cheating?
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How will you know if a guy is cheating on his long distance fiance?

To know if a guy is cheating on his long distance fiance one has to keep a watch over them. One has to read the signs of cheating if there are any. One has to read the speech etc to know that.

Signs of cheating in long distance relationship?

If they accuse you of always being with other people and get mad at you for no reason

How can you tell if your long distance boyfriend is cheating on you?

you can never know for sure (seeing how he's long distance, you can't possibly find out unless he was stupid enough to tell you). but if you're talking about signs like he's distant (mentally speaking) and doesn't seem so excited to be talking to you, that may not be cheating, but it's not good. so if he's doing anything like that, whether he's cheating on you or not, it should just be ended because something is obviously wrong.

What are signs that your boyfriend is cheating on you if you are in a long term relationship?

If he spends a lot of time away from you or won't answer your calls, or if he isn't romantically or physically attracted to you as he was in the very beginning.

How can you be sure if your long distance relationship boyfriend is cheating on you?

You cant be sure. That's why it all comes down to trust, loyalty, communication, and most importantly LOVE

When you think someone is cute and you have a boyfriend is that cheating on your boyfriend?

No it is not cheating on your bf. As long as nothing physical happens your not cheating.Talk with your boyfriend about how much you're allowed to do with other guys without cheating him. Everyone has different ideas of what cheating is and what matters is that you two find a common ground and agree not to break that.

Why would a guy deny cheating in a long distance relationship?

if he was cheating on a long distance relationship he could be telling the truth or lieing. think about it, has he ever lied to you before

How do you tell your parents you have a long distance boyfriend?

Mum, dad, I have a boyfriend

I am in a long distance relationship but I think he's cheating on me how do I find out?

A long distance relationship is not realy a relationship that can be cheated on.

He has a long distance girlfriend and you have a long distance boyfriend?

that dont make a sense man!

Is going with other guy while your boyfriend is out considered cheating?

As long as your boyfriend knows what you are doing, who you are going with, and how long you will hang around with this other guy friend.

What are the signs of a cheating boyfriend in a long-distance relationship?

him fading away or goes out a lot without telling you anything about where he's going.....but ask him before you do something that could ruin the relationship.....and if you still dont believe him then break up cuz a true gf would trust her boyfriend....but its ok to be a little cautious

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