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This is a very difficult one for sure. Once someone has broken the rules of trust it's hard to go back to that person, because in the back of your mind you are always wondering what they are up to. No one wants to be made a fool of. There are some signs, but not 100% accurate (or how long this person will remain true to you.) Is attentive to you Keeps dates Takes an interest in things you are interested in (to a degree) Phones you at least a couple of times a week If you live together they come home right after work Takes you out for dinner or movies Enjoys cuddling with you Gives you compliments The secret to any relationship is not to make yourself too available. Don't be afraid to go out with your own friends, and throw away the fear of being made a fool of. Greater people than you and I have been taken for the ride of our lives in the name of love. Just live! Take the risk, and if this person can't be trusted yet once again consider it their loss and not yours. WATCH HIS EYES! "THE EYES ARE THE WINDOWS OF OUR SOULS!" Good luck Marcy

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Q: What are some signs you should look for to find out if an ex-boyfriend is being sincere about getting back together?
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I would say 'with sincere appreciation'.

What should you do when you know your girlfriend is still talking to her exboyfriend?

Nothing. They are perfectly entitled to remain friends. You only need to worry if they start behaving as if they were together again.

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What should a girl do when she love truly her exboyfriend but he has a new girlfriend?

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If you miss your exboyfriend should you get back together with him?

Well, that all depends on why you guys broke up in the first place.. If it wasn't anything serious like him cheating on you or something then yes if you have feelings for him, GO FOR IT (:

Should a friend use her exboyfriend in an argument with her girlfriend?

One word. NO No, Not at all

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Nothing - if the apology was sincere. If it wasn't sincere, wait until you are actually sorry for what you have done, and apologize again, properly. If it was sincere then there is nothing else you can do, the problem is now the other person's.

How can you tell if the man that has been chasing you for 3 years is sincere?

I'm sure if it has been 3yrs and he is still interested that should tell you something - he is sincere.

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you should talk to your boyfriend face to face and ask him why he lied. then you should ask him if he wants to still be together. Remember part of a relashonship is getting through problems together!

You are getting back with your exboyfriend how do you make it work this time?

you should try and do different thigs, try something completely new, dont stay the same, but dont change too much, stay yourself, just let him see the other side of you!

What some things to say to girls you like?

Complement her shoes, her hair. Just be nice and sincere... but not too sincereA different view:As in the above answer: "but not too sincere"? You should always be sincere, otherwise you will fast become known as a fake.

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NO. Espesailly if you have a new one. It would be nice, unless he like, hates you or some thing.

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just sweet and sincere and tell the truth.

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Just say it! If you are embarrassed then you should not be dating them! You just have to be sincere in asking it.

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Authentic, and sincere

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I think you should tell him how you feel. Tell him that you still like him and that he is the best thing that has every happen to you!:)

Should you live together before marriage?

You are getting married, living together before the marriage is just taking the thrill and excitement out. Better get married first then live together.

Should you go play mini-golf with your exboyfriend even though he is seeing someone new?

No. He has moved on with someone new and so should you. It would be in your best interest to move on and keep your distance from him.

Should a friend use her exboyfriend in an argument with another friend?

Unless the ex boyfriend was part of the problem then no, you should not involve your ex boyfriend while resolving your problems with your friend.

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if she is truthful with you now and is sincere in her apology, forgive.

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