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Ammonium Citrate in distilled water is an alternate developer for Platinum and Palladium photographic prints (Iron replacement by Pt and/or Pd). It is cooler in resulting print color than the usual developer - Potassium Oxalate. See

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Q: What are some uses of ammonium citrate?
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What is the chemical formula of ammonium citrate?

Ammonium citrate formula is: C6H14N2O7.

Ferrous fumarate ferric ammonium citrate iron dextrose?

how can i prepare ferric ammonium citrate redish crystals

How do you make Ammonium ferric citrate?

ferric hydroxide + citric acid ---> product A (ferric citrate)Product A + ammonia solution --> ammonium ferric citratecheck out for stoichiometric equation

Can you make ammonium citrate from citric acid and ammonium hydroxide?

Yes H2C2O4 + 2NH3 --> (NH4)2C2O4

How much elemental iron in 100 mg ferric ammonium citrate?


What is the molar mass of ferric ammonium citrate?

mole mole mole mole mole

What are some uses for ammonium hydroxide?

ammonium hyrdroxide doesn't exist!! In fact, it turns only into NH3 and H2O

What are some uses of boron citrate?

helps memory loss and increases free testosterone levels

What happens when you mix citric acid baking soda and vinegar?

A mixture of ammonium acetate and citrate is obtained.

What is simmons citrate agar?

Simmons citrate agar is a differential agar used to determine if a sample bacteria can utilize citrate as its only carbon source. The agar is initially a green color due to the bromo thymol blue pH indicator in it. If a bacteria uses the citrate, the by-products are ammonia and ammonium hydroxide both of which will alkalize the agar and increase the pH to the point of changing the indicator's color to blue, so the whole agar turns from green to blue.

What is the purpose of ammonium hypochlorite?

I suppose that ammonium hypochlorite hasn't uses.

Home come E.coli can't grow on Simmons Citrate Media?

Because it cannot utilize citrate as the sole carbon source and/or they cannot utilize ammonium ions as the sole nitrogen source.

Why is ammonium in soft drinks?

Ammonium ferric citrate is a food additive with E number E381 used as an acidity regulator. It is a green or reddish-brown powder which is very soluble in water.

Uses of ammonium?

If you think to the cation ammonium (NH4)+ this ion hasn't applications per se.

What are the uses of ammonium salts?

For example ammonium salts (nitrate, sulfates) are used as fertilizers in agriculture.

What are the uses for ammonium hydroxide?

See this link.

Does irn bru have iron in it?

Yes, albeit a very minuscule amount (less than 0.002%), in the form of ammonium ferric citrate.

Is bismuth an anion or cation?

it is cation and it uses as bismuth citrate in drugs

What does citrate permease do?

Citrate Permease is an enzyme that is responsible for transporting citrate inside the cell. Some bacteria have this enzyme while others do not. You can test for the presence of citrate permease by performing a Simmon's Citrate biochemical test.

Which one uses popularly acidic fertilizer-ammonium sulphate or superphosphate of lime?

ammonium sulphate

What are the therapeutic uses of sodium citrate?

It is used to prevent platelet clumping in blood samples. (Monosodium Citrate) Antioxidant and it alleviates discomfort suffering from Urinary tract Infection. (Disodium Citrate) The most uses out of them all however is Trisodium citrate. Which is an anticoagulant in blood transfusions, that is still used. Its an osmotic laxitive too. Also in small quantities it can help physical performances.

Uses of ammonium phosphate?

helps plant growth

What are the uses of ammonium?

83% of ammonia is used as fertilizer on farms.

Why is the citrate test carried out on an agar slope rather than a broth?

Background:Simmons' Citrate Agar is a defined, selective medium that tests for an organism's ability to use citrate as a sole carbon source and ammonium ions as the sole nitrogen source.The medium contains citrate, ammonium ions, and other inorganic ions needed for growth.It also contains bromothymol blue, a pH indicator. Bromothymol blue is green at pH below 6.9, and then turns blue at a pH of 7.6 or greater.SO:Sometimes, it is possible to detect growth on the citrate slant without the accompanying color change to blue. This is most likely due to insufficient incubation. Either a combination of blue color and growth or growth alone without the blue color should be scored as a positive for the citrate use test.

What are the uses of quaternary ammonium salts?

I know that quaternary ammonium salts can be used as fabric softeners. There are many more uses but for a level chemistry just the one use should be enough so long as it is fairly common.