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What are some variable costs of running an airline?

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Some of the Variable costs are Fuel Cost, energy, and operating cost

Yes generally direct costs are variable costs but there may be some direct costs which can be fixed costs as well.

Some fixed costs of running a shopping center would be rent, employee salary (if not commission based), utilities (if you maintain consistent hours of operation). Some variable costs would be Cost of goods sold, commissions, and perhaps shipping costs.

Some costs are semi-variable, e.g. electricity, maintenance, and rise with output but not inproportion. Labour may be fixed in the short run.

Variable costs are costs that varies or are not fixed. Those are expenses that change in proportion to the activity of a business. Examples are: raw materials (when the activity is decreased, less raw materials are used), transportation costs.However, its distinction as variable or fixed may vary on different organizations or situations. A salary of a regular employee is fixed, while salary of an hourly employee is variable.Some expenses also have fixed and variable elements. These are called semi-variable costs. Electricity may be fixed on some organizations, but may vary depending on their activity.

At zero production variable cost will be zero because variable cost is the cost occured for producing a product but their will be some fixed cost.

Fixed costs are those expenses that do not change in proportion to the activity within the relevant period. And variable costs are costs that can be varied flexibly as the conditions change. So your personal fixed cost could be the fix line rent that you pay for the cell phone or the admission fee of your school. The variable costs could be your monthly shopping, tuition fees that depends on the courses etc.

Variable costs are corporate expenses that vary in direct proportion to the quantity of output. Unlike fixed costs, which remain constant regardless of output, variable costs are a direct function of production volume, rising whenever production expands and falling whenever it contracts. Examples of common variable costs include raw materials, packaging, and labor directly involved in a company's manufacturing process.The formula for calculating total variable cost is:Total Variable Cost = Total Quantity of Output * Variable Cost Per Unit of OutputThe term variable cost is not to be confused with variable costing, which is an related to reporting variable costs.some examples would be cost of goods sold, sales commissions, shipping charges, delivery charges, costs of direct materials or supplies, wages of part-time or temporary employees, and sales or production bonuses

One example of a variable cost in a business is labor costs because the amount of people a business employs fluctuates greatly, especially during the holiday season. Another example of a variable cost is the cost of materials.

Variables costs in an establishment are costs that vary depending on uncontrollable or unpredictable circumstances. Some variable costs in a restaurant include the cost of labor, ingredients, utility bills, and operational materials like cups, napkins, and plates.

Many costs includes fixed as well as variable portion for example electricity cost in which there may be some portion of expense which remains fixed while some change due to higer or lower production.

fixed and variable costs.. = all overheads fixed: salaries in some cases some supplier buills variable: petrol - travel storage rent

Fixed Costs: These are those costs which remain fixed up to certain range of work capacity no matter how much product you produce within that capacity range. Like factory building rent. You pay the rent no matter that did you use that building for making the products or not. Variable Costs: These are those costs which change with the change in the number of product units you produce. Like Material , Labor etc Mixed Cost/Semi Variable Costs: These are those cost the part of which is remain fixed and some part of the cost is variable.

Terminology of business:Practically, all companies calculate their net income the same way.All business profit and loss accounts are structured like this:Turnover--Less variable costs= Gross profit--Less fixed costs= Net incomeThis applies with the qualification that e.g. some consultancies do not have variable costs - only fixed costs.TurnoverTurnover is an accounts term covering a company's total proceeds from sale. The accounting treatment of this amount must be less VAT, as the VAT which a company charges on its sales must be pay to Told & Skat and thus does not constitute an income.Variable costsSuch costs are also referred to as direct costs or - in a trading company - costs of sales. Variable costs are costs varying relative to sales. Some examples:A baker's need for flour and yeast varies relative to how much bread s/he sellsA service station's purchase of petrol varies relative to how much petrol is soldA building contractor's manpower requirement varies relative to how many bridges s/he has secured a contract forTypically, an accountant or consultant has no variable costsGross profitAlso referred to as contribution margin. Gross profit is the turnover less variable costs, but including other costs.Often, variable costs are an almost stable percentage of the turnover. Thus, the gross profit can be determined as a similar stable percentage of the turnover.Gross profit varies depending on type of industry. The contribution margin may be 65% for a restaurant, while it could be 20% for a kiosk.Fixed costsAlso referred to indirect costs or overhead costs. Such costs are not as fixed as the term may imply - they often vary. This, however, does not make them variable. Variable costs vary relative to the turnover, while fixed costs can vary relative to all other parameters. E.g. rent is a fixed cost.Net incomeAlso referred to as profit/loss or proprietor's salary. Net income is the proceeds a proprietor makes from running his/her business. Net income does not always exist in terms of cash. It can be partly or fully tied-up in stocks or balance due from customers.

A firm would still operate if revenues are below total coots, but not if revenues are below variable costs. The reason is that as long as revenues are above variable costs, the firm will earn a difference to contribute to the fixed costs (fixed costs are costs that a company has to pay in the short-run whether it operates or not). If the firm stops operating in the short-run, it will have to pay for the full fixed costs (e.g., rent, some fixed labour) If revenues are below variable costs, for every unit of production, the company loses the difference and does not contribute to the fixed costs. It is more economical to shutdown in the short-run.

Some airlines offer lower prices than others by cutting costs. Southwest is a popular low cost airline that regularly has great sales and standard low prices. Some other airlines are Airtran, Frontier and JetBlue.

No, however some airline pilots are captains.

some of them doesindependent variable doesdependent variable doesconstants variable do not

This is a homework assignment, WikiAnswers does not write homework assignments for people because the activity of researching, thinking about and writing the assignment is part of the educational process. However WikiAnswers will help you with specific questions relating to your assignment - for instance you could ask:- 'What are some examples of organizations with high fixed costs and low variable costs'

Like any business, running a dog kennel can be profitable. It depends mostly on HOW you run it. Things to consider include 1. Location 2. Who is your competition? How much do they charge? What are their strengths or weaknesses? 3. Your operations costs. You will have some fixed costs such as equipment (dog crates, or kennels, leashes). You will need these regardless of the amount of business you do. You will also have some variable costs that depend on the number of dogs you board. 4. Marketing. How do you get your customers. Can you get enough customers paying enough to be profitable. How you market will be KEY.

Some examples of a scientific variable is Independent Variable Control Variables :)

B. Fixed Cost Union contracts may convert some variable costs into fixed costs. For example, a union contract may require severance pay. The firm may then be reluctant to layoff workers, and thus the labor cost become fixed and independent of the level of output.

what are some of the reasons for a gram-variable reaction

Yoga can be an independent variable in some experiments and a dependent variable in others.

For the best answer you will need to go to the website of the airline you are flying with, or phone them. This is because it varies from airline to airline. Some of them are reasonable, but some are quite expensive, and if you are only going to play once or twice you may be best to rent clubs.

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