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It's always about money, so sit down and make a list of your bills and see if his pay check alone will cover those bills and if he can pay all those bills then other than your husband not wanting another child there is no other reason. Having another child as you know is a big step and he may have some hidden fears, so please sit down with him and just talk. Ask him if he has any problems with having another child and if he mentions money then hit him with that list of facts and figures. == I stayed home with both kids with no regrets. However, if my husband had not seen it the same way, I would have looked for a compromise. That would perhaps include a limited time period, your part time work on his time off, or working from home, saving ahead and paying down debt, or a plan for especially frugal housekeeping. You both have to work toward your financial goals, so several talks about how this can be done will be needed. Pick a time when you both are not tired and will not be interrupted--Saturday mornings have worked for us.

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Q: What are some ways to convince your husband to let you stay at home with your child if you are planning to have another one soon?
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