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I retained a divorce lawyer (without any kind of money) and it went on for 2 years and some lawyers won't charge you until the case is settled. I finally took the bull by the horns, went to my lawyer and told him to get off his butt! I wasn't happy with the slow pace in which my lawyer was dealing with the divorce as there were no children or properties/monies involved. I marched down to his office and blasted him and I sat there while he phoned my husband's divorce lawyer. Since my husband was the one that was cheating and I proved it, all I had to do was to have my lawyer tell my husband's lawyer that he could foot the bill for the divorce or I would Contest the Divorce! Even though I was going for the divorce myself, I could have tied my ex up in court for as long as 3 years. I was smart enough to realize he had a mistress on the side putting the heat on him, so I went for "contesting" and won. I do live in British Columbia, Canada, so if you are American your laws could be a little different. I suggest you go onto: Type in: What are some ways you can pay a lawyer's retaining fee? Marcy

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Q: What are some ways to pay the retainer fee for a divorce lawyer?
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What is a retainer fee used for with a lawyer?

A retainer fee basically "retains" the lawyer's services. You should discuss exactly how your prospective attorney handles the retainer fee before giving them any money, because there are a couple of different ways of handling retainer fees.It may be a fee the lawyer charges in order to be available (which may mean that they have to turn down other clients; since doing so represents a loss of business for them, it's reasonable for them to expect to be compensated for this), or it may be a kind of "down payment" on future services. In either case, it's not an "all-you-can-sue" plan, you'll still have to pay for the actual services rendered.

How do you final a divorce if the spouse is missing in California?

You can't finalize a divorce when the spouse hasn't signed. The courts have ways of finding and serving them. Get with your lawyer. If the spouse has totally dropped off the grid, name change etc. then I'm sure the courts can finalize the divorce but they will not divide property etc.

In the state of Maryland If a divorce is uncontested are both parties required to have an attorney if one of them does?

One would thing that if the divorce was 'uncontested' neither party would even have the need for a lawyer. This is a 'see spot run' divorce where each person basically goes their separate ways following the final decree.

How can one cut the costs of a divorce?

A divorce can be extremely costly. There are however, nine ways to save money during a divorce. These ways are: Do your own copying, use alternate dispute resolutions, educate yourself, understand the billable hour, sell the house, appraise the pension plan, get a good lawyer, check your bills, try to work out a settlement agreement with spouse, do not fight over the children, and no fighting over personal property,

If a man is in jail can he get a divorce done by family member outside of jail?

If a man is in jail they generally have access to a lawyer or aide and can do some things himself as well as have a family member help in certain ways. Although, check with the legalities of where you live to determine your local laws.

How do I divorce fast?

Online divorce sites have gained popularity as the internet has grown, making it one of the fastest most painless ways to divorce.

What is the divorce law in Colombia?

The divorce law in Colombia stipulates how married couples would part ways. Some of the common concerns raised include child custody, alimony and sharing of property.

Can the members of the royal family divorce?

Yes, they're normal people in many ways. They have the right to get divorce if they want to.

How people they make money in new Netherlands?

People make money in a variety of ways in the Netherlands. Some of these ways include working in the restaurants industry, starting businesses, or working as a lawyer.

How do I find a divorce lawyer for free?

Your local telephone book or even online searches are free ways of finding lawyers grouped by specialty. A better free way may be to ask people you know, that way you get more information.

What ways can a lawyer charge their clients for their service?

An attorney can charge a client hourly meaning they charge for each hour they work on the case. They can ask for a retainer fee which is a lump sum that goes into an account that the attorney bills for each hour worked. An attorney may charge one flat fee for their service. Another form of payment is called contingent fee. A lawyer in this case only charges if the case is successfully resolved.

What is the difference in filing for divorce and suing for divorce?

Those are only different ways to say the same thing. Suing for divorce is an older version that reflected divorce rules and procedures in the past. The more modern, more accurate term is filing for divorce which means the parties have filed a complaint or petition for divorce to commence the legal termination of their marriage. In some cases, suing may be correct if one party is bringing the action on specific grounds. However, suing is not always correct since many states have no fault divorce procedure. Filing for divorce is always the correct term to mean that a couple has commenced a divorce action.

What would be an affordable way to obtain a lawyer when one can not afford one?

There are a number of ways in which an individual without financial means may obtain a lawyer. There are, for example, federally funded programs available for such individuals. Additionally, some lawyers are willing to work pro bono.

What are three ways to terminate a marriage?

You can legally terminate a marriage by divorce, dissolution, or annulment.

Where can one find a lawyer that handles dog bite cases?

One can find a lawyer that handles dog bite cases in a few different ways. You can check your local phone book for injury lawyers, or you can contact your family lawyer for a recommendation.

What are the positive effects of divorce on teens?

If you are talking about your parents to teens or children of any age this can be a trauma. Most children don't want their parents to divorce. The pros are if the parents are always arguing in front of the children; there is abuse then this can teach the child abusive behavior. Neither of these two ways of life are good for children and it's best for the parents to divorce and share custody of the children. After divorce some parents even become good friends.

What are some significant events in 1998?

A lawyer fell out of a window in a skyscraper. TRUE! My source? TV show 1,000 ways to die on SPIKE. otherwise that year was lame.

Is divorce good?

Divorce can be good when two people cannot reconcile their differences. If you cant make it work and you have tried everything you can do sometimes its best to just go you separate ways. God does not like divorce but he also does not like us to be miserable. So yes sometimes divorce is good when you have tried everything you can with no success.

How do you clean a retainer that's been dropped in sewage?

That might be a tricky thing to do but heres a few ways if you can't get a new one. First the challenging part might be getting it back. First take some hot water and pour dish soap into a bowl along with the water. Soak your retainer for a few minutes. Then rinse it in cold water. After that to get ALL the germs out. Then take an old toothbrush and SCRUB it clean. Put more soap on the tooth brush. Then let your retainer air dry. Then it should be back to normal :) If you have small crack sin your retainer take a toothpick, a paperclip, or safety pin and push the dirt ou tout it with one of theese pointy tools.

How do you get a lawyer at 12?

There are many ways, but it depends on why exactly you would want the lawyer. You are not able to get a lawyer at 12, it is too young to contract. However, your parent or guardian can contract with one on your behalf. If you are in need of one for criminal reasons, the court will appoint one.

What are some tips when hiring a social security disability lawyer?

First and foremost you should ask to speak with an experienced representative. Then see what their contingency fee agreement is, then what their rates are. Then ask them why they think you have a good case if they think you do. Plus a little research and google go a long ways with finding a good lawyer.

What are some of the ways scientist have cleaned up the water?

What are some of the ways scientists clean water? What are some of the ways scientists clean water? What are some of the ways scientists clean water?

What can you sue for?

American citizens have found ways to sue for almost anything these days. All you need is a decent lawyer.

Getting a Lawyer Referral?

Sometimes, getting a lawyer referral can be the best way to hire an attorney that is highly competent and efficient. Getting a good lawyer referral from a family member or friend can be the single choice that helps a person win his or her case in court. This article will discuss the importance of getting a good lawyer referral and ways one can get referrals. There are many ways in which a person can get a lawyer referral. First off, a person needs to consider the reasons he or she needs to hire an attorney. Is a person going through a divorce, and needs an attorney to process the paperwork? Perhaps there is a nasty battle in the divorce for homes or funds. In this situation, a person wants to hire an experienced divorce attorney that does work beyond mere transactions and is also an effective negotiator. Maybe a person is selling a home and needs an attorney who does efficient real estate transactions and paperwork for such transactions. Having an efficient attorney will end up saving a person hundreds or even thousands of dollars. A person may get a lawyer referral through the internet. The internet is one of the best places to get all sorts of information on an attorney, in addition to finding a lawyer referral. There are many websites dedicated to the sole task of providing lawyer referrals to people. It can be a great idea to peruse these sorts of websites to find a lawyer referral that one likes. When reading through lawyer reviews, a person should always consider what the reviewer has to say about a lawyer's work ethic and character. A simple way to get a lawyer referral is to simply ask family or friends for references. These can be valuable individuals that provide great references for a person regarding attorneys. A friend may have dealt with a similar situation and knows an attorney that is great for one's own situation. People will often not refer lawyers that they do not trust or have found to be helpful. A referral usually reflects upon the character of the person making the referral. Thus, unless an attorney has been incredibly great in a situation, a person is not likely to recommend him or her to another person. Getting the right lawyer referral can mean the difference between winning or losing a case in court. It is truly important to get a good lawyer referral.

Does alimony apply in a Louisiana divorce case?

Yes alimony can be awarded in a divorce in Louisana if the judge agrees. Alimony can also be done two ways, as a temporary support for short term or long term if its necessary.