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A close relative swears by Chiropractic to help her with fatigue, she hasn't suffered symptoms since going. When the spine is in alignment, the body works the way it should.

Answeri don't really know how to boost your energy level, but you should go to a doctor and have your thyroid checked out. i was suffering from fatigue and was always falling asleep. then I went to my doctor and foundout the i suffered from hypothyroidism. i now take thyroid medicine and have the energy that i didn't have. brewski AnswerA chiropractor can definitely help, but you have to find the right one. Some only choose to crack backs for the sake of pain relief. Others choose to align the spine to balance the nervous system and endocrine system.

It sounds like you have an adrenal imbalance. When your adrenal system is not working correctly, the thyroid tend to work overtime. The thyroid compensates by increasing metabolism, because it cannot not secrete the necessary adrenalin or noradrenaline. This is why a lot of thyroid cases are mishandled. It's not the thyroids fault, but it also begins to fatique after trying to do 2 jobs instead of just its 1 job. The thyroid problem is just secondary to a problem with your hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis.

Interview a few chiropractors, then hire the one you feel good about. You'll not regret doing this. You'll have a brand new lease on life in no time.

Try gradual,graded exercise eg walking,swimming.Being as active as possible is nearly always good for you,getting outdoors can stop you becoming too introspective/raise your morale.Even if you can only do limited activities,don't give in or give up.Try things which give you pleasure-like a walk in the park,to the library,to a favourite shop etc.Again,you need to consider your morale and mind-set as well as keeping your muscles active.

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Q: What are some ways to permanently boost your energy levels if you suffer from constant fatigue?
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