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What are stereo wiring color codes for a sony?

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colar code for sony stereo car

Take out centre dash, for starters. Remove old unit. then find on the internet the wiring harness diagram to specify what each wire is then match this up with the wires on your sony stereo. hope this helps

Purchase a stereo install dash kit, you're best bet is eBay. Search in eBay for a "stereo install dash kit 1990 corolla". Should be about twenty bucks.

need wiring diagram for sony xplod cdx-gt710

You can find a wiring diagram for the Sony XR-2590 in the owner's manual. To get a new manual contact the Sony company.

Yes, Sony does make stereo headphones. There are a number of different places they can be purchased. You could get them on any number of websites, or also in retail stores such as Walmart.

Yes, the new stereo wiring is always going to be different.What you really really need to get is a wiring harness that will make it so much easier to "bridge" from the van wiring to the new stereo wiring, and most importantly allow you to do this without cutting the factory wiring!There are a number of good sources for these inexpensive harnesses - nearly any auto parts, where you bought the radio, heck, even Walmart carries a good variety of them.See "Related Questions" below for more about installing a new radio...

Sony stereo systems are available at a variety of locations as well as many online stores. Examples include, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Amazon, and HH Greg.

Try Sony's website, under the downloads/user manuals section. Depending on how old the unit is, it may no longer be available, so you can call around to stereo installation shops, and you may find one that is friendly enough or that takes pity on you and gives you a copy of theirs.

Get your Audio out Cables coming out of the Xbox360 and plug them into your AV-in on your stereo instead of the AV-in on the TV. Tune your Stereo to AV-in Input and you're sorted.

The top remote codes for a Sony TV are 500, 837, 090, 000, 808, 511, 185, 677, 627, and 123.

The Sony STR-D715 is a stereo receiver. What code you use will depend upon the brand of the remote you are trying to program. There isn't one number that works with every remote. Try all the Sony Receiver codes for your remote as listed in the remote's manual. If they don't work, it seems this model may be too old to be supported.

match it with your regular wires... that's how i did my pioneer radio. For example: If your regular car wire is orange match it with the orange radio wire. That's all color coating is.

None, go pioneer for around the same price. Bought a car with a Sony deck that sucked so bad! Quality = $$

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The Sony SLVD 350p comes in black, white and red. You can find all of these color and more from Sony on and from there pick out your favorite color.

The price of a car stereo would depend on its complexity. High end car stereos may cost hundreds of dollars. The Sony XAV-63 costs about $329.99 and is available at sites like Amazon.

You are in luck, because Sony makes many digital cameras in many color options. The cheapest red Sony I could find was the Sony DSC-W330, which costs $131.72 on

I have listed some codes for Sony below! You can also check the sources for more codes if needed! Codes: 500, 837, 090, 000, 808, 666, 798

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