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The advantages of an iPod is clear: it is simply extremely well working and is extremely creative. It has tremendous storage capacity, and has very easy sorting and playlist creating. It has great music quality and can hold MP3,M4A,M4P,AAC,AAC+, and Apple Losless music fromats. M4P is iTune's exclusive purchased music format. The iPod's menu is also very nicely designs, and has an intuitive click wheel (and a touch screen in some cases.) It also has incredible battery life and most models are very light and easy to carry. Some ipods even feature WiFi, e-mail, maps, YouTube, etc... However, there are many disadvantages. The better iPods are fairly expensive, and only come with a 1 year warranty ( a person i know had their iPod break in 1 year and 1 month! go figure...) Also, battery life decreases over time, and iTunes is sometimes slow and unresponsive with the ipod.

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Q: What are the Advantages and disadvantages of an average IPOD?
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