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What are the Common problem encounter for importing and exporting in the Philippines?

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What is one problem that may result when a nation imports more than it exports?

An imbalance between imports and exports occurs. It could mean a country is unable to cover the cost of importing, until money coming in through exporting comes in.

What is the top problem of the Philippines?

The top 1 problem of the Philippines is POVERTY.

Several economic problem of the Philippines?

There are several economic problems our country encountered.But the first is corruption, poverty and unemployment and the most problem is misorganization of the government...philippines encounter these problems not only because of the ruler or the government handlers who manage and handle the allabouts of our country, but these problems are done by all...

Why is it good to import and export goods?

It's a complicated system, but basically: Exporting is how a nation makes its money. It is an indication of the nation's prosperity. A decline in exports almost always means a dip in the economy. Importing goods from other nations is how a country benefits from the global market. America imports huge amounts of cars, computers, other electronics, and other goods from other nations. When imports drop, it usually means that consumers don't have money to buy foreign goods, which is also a problem. Exporting and importing are very good but must be balanced.

What the problem in country of the Philippines?

The number one problem in the Philippines are corruption,poverty and crime.

How did most Americans feel at the beginning of world war 1?

Americans in the begging of world war one wondered my we were there. They believed that it was Europe's problem and we should remain out of other countries affairs. Americans wanted to stay neutral so that they could keep on importing and exporting to all countries.

Dental health problem involving economic crisis in the Philippines?

problem of the Philippines involve economics

What problem did Herbert and Pip encounter?


Social problem in the Philippines?

what are the social problems in the Philippines today

What is the first problem Bilbo and the dwarves encounter on their quest?

The loss of their supplies into the river. That led to their encounter with the trolls.

What is the meaing of problem?

problem could be any difficulty an individual encounter in everyday life.

What are the specific social problem in the Philippines?

Some of the specific social problems in the Philippines includes unemployment which leads to crime and prostitution. Child labor is another specific problem in the Philippines.

What are the biggest problem of the Philippines?


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Problem with exporting large amounts of Central American agricultural products?

Can't get a fair price for their products

What are the current problem in the Philippines?

the garbage /the weather/ and the leader are the biggest problem

What problem would you encounter if the pull of the earth's gravity suddenly increased?

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What are the problems of the katutubo tribes in the Philippines?

What are the problems of the Katutubo tribes in the Philippines? Name the problems of the Katutubo teribes in the Philippines Why did they have that problem?

Is two child policy needed in the Philippines?

yes! cause As of now, Philippines is experiencing a problem, that is overpopulation. Philippines should adopt this policy to avoid increasing of populationJyes! cause As of now, Philippines is experiencing a problem, that is overpopulation. Philippines should adopt this policy to avoid increasing of populationJ

Major problem of the Philippines?

Corruption and colonialism.

What is the biggest economic problem in the Philippines?

The waste.

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