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Stockout costs are incurred by a company facing a loss of revenue. ?æWhen a stock out cost occurs a?æcompany is not equipped to handle the demands of their customers. The cost of a?æstock out is recorded as the?æloss of sales revenues and customer loyalty.?æ

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What is components of a soup?

components of a soup are stock ,and fument.

What are the components of current assets?

The components of current assets are creditors, cash, debtors and stock.

What are the main components of a gun?

Lock, Stock, Barrel

Whats is the Journal entery for costs of issuing stock?

Debit Capital stock xx Credit Cash xx Generally you would offset costs of issuing common or preferred stock against the similar equity account.

What are the manufacturing costs of laser pointer components?

The most important laser pointer components is the laser module . The costs for different colors of laser are different , about 1$ for red laser , 10$ for green laser and 200$ for blue laser . And the costs are keep going down.

What were the key components of the urban crisis?

Key components were intensification of poverty, deterioration of older housing stock, and persistent racial segregation.

What is the types of cost classification?

(a) By time when computed historic costs standard costs (b) By financial costing Revenue costs capital costs (c) By responsibility controllable costs uncontrollable costs (d) By identification with stock product costs period costs (e) By tracing costs to end products direct costs indirect costs

What are three main components of stock?

input/output units and processing unit

For the purpose of calculating the cost of capital the capital components are what?

The principal components taken into account to calculate the cost of capital are the following: The dollar cost of debt, the dollar cost of preferred stock, and the dollar cost of common stock.

What is running down stock?

basically, it is selling the stock you have without buying in any more, so to only create revenue and no costs

How do I split the mixed costs into their fixed and variable components using a scatter graph?

You can split the mixed costs into the fixed and variable components using a scatter graph by assigning the fixed variable to the x axis and the variable component to the y axis.

What are the components of financial strategy?

* start up costs * competitive analysis * on going cost * revenue

What costs are on both the balance sheet and the income statement?

* Closing stock * Net profit

What projected costs are involved in a rice mill business?

land, building, machinery, and stock

How much is the stock for medline per share?

Medline is a privately held company, so unless you are employed by them, you cannot buy stock in the company. If you are employed by them, ask them how much it costs to buy stock.

Why shouldn't a technician simply put the lowest-price CPU into a machine to save costs?

Cheaper components - are often made from inferior materials. This leads to a shorter lifespan, and subsequently more costs in the long-run - as the worn out components need replacing quicker !

Where can you look to find a stock for a Revelation model R312AB?

This gun is the same as a Mossberg 395. It probably won't be worth what the new stock costs but the parts are the same.

What are establishment expenses?

These costs include the initial costs in establishing the business (e.g. rent, insurance and stock), capital costs (e.g. equipment, plant and machinery) and operating costs (the cost of operating the business until income is sufficient to cover the costs of the business).when you save the money your future will be bright...

What is the purpose of the NASDAQ Composite?

The NASDAQ Composite is a stock market index of the common stocks and similar securities listed on the NASDAQ stock market, meaning that it has over 3000 components.

How much do you need to purchase stock online?

Amounts per stock very from company to company but their are always stock costs which can reflect any amount you wish to begin with. Going with a renown stock site is what you want. Such as the HSBC website found at is a great start.

Why do shopkeepers use spreadsheets?

To see what the have in stock, what they need to order, and how much money each item costs.

Examples of start up costs?

Some examples of start up costs include: Installing equipment Acquiring premises Renovating Premises Initial stock License agreements

What is the cost related to issuing new stock called?

The cost of issuing new stock is called "Share Issue Cost" or SIC. These costs are treated as an expense on the balance sheet.

Why tips could be viewed as similar to stock options and why the delays and incorrect orders could represent a case of agency costs?

the tips are as same as the stock option because they have the same characters

What is the cost of a share of Samsung's stock today?

On February 22, 2011 it costs roughly $833 (938000 South Korean). Unfortunately its not listed on the NYSE it's on the South Korean Stock Market.

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