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There are numbers of reasons to learn another language. English, specifically, has its own advantages. International business, aviation and media use English almost exclusively. Educational opportunities in the US, England and Canada are extensive. English is expository. It will make you a better debater, a better writer and helps you express yourself.

The disadvantages depend on the nationality of the person learning English. Chinese students see learning English as an insult to their Chinese ancestry. Arabs see the language as the sounds of an enemy. Tonal languages can't quite grasp the direct nature of the language. Some backgrounds do not see the need for individual thought or individual expression. It is a difficult language to learn with nearly every rule having an exception. Idiom and slang is such an integral part of everyday life so that figurative speech is incomprehensible to the non-native speaker.

There are over 25,000 idioms in English from hanging up a phone to having your eye on someone. In Italy a road doesn't "go" anywhere. In France you don't live "on" a street. In Germany there is no difference between "I do work" and "I am working".

English is a Germanic language with borrowed words from every country past and present. English is an advanced, developed language; no formal or informal, no tenses, except for who and whom, and only one way to say "The". In German there are six ways to say "The".

The most important benefit is getting a better understanding of your first language. You can transfer the skills learned in English and apply them to your first language. I speak French, German and English. I teach English as a second language at a university in the US. Learning another language is seeing the world through a different lens. You see the world from another viewpoint. You become a member of the world community, not only the community you happened to be born into.

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Q: What are the advantage and disadvantage of learning English language?
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What is the advantage and disadvantage of learning English?

I can't imagine many disadvantages to learning English. English is one of the most prolific language in the world, with a lot of the major/most wealthy countries using it as their native language. It is however among the most difficult languages to learn.

Global disadvantage of English language?

English is so widely spoken that many native speakers of English do not see the point of learning a foreign language ... That is very isolating.

What is the use of learning English?

Learning the English language can bring a lot of use to you. English is considered to be the universal language.

Is learning the English language beneficial to filipino?

Yes because English is the language of business in the world. It also gives Filipinos an advantage when it comes to expanding in a global market. The English language also acts as a neutral national language where regional biases cannot be implied.

What will you give more important to learning English language?

What's more important than learning English is understanding why you need a language (not necessarily English).

What is the advantage of English language?

English is the international language. Knowing how to speak and write in English is an advantage so as to be able to effectively communicate anywhere in the world.

What is the best source for learning IT in English language?

What is the best source to learn the IT in English language

Was William the Conqueror ever nice?

yes, he changed his ways by learning the English language yes, he changed his ways by learning the English language

What is 'Start learning the language' when translated from English to Italian?

"Start learning the language!" in English is Iniziare ad imparare il linguaggio! in Italian.

What are the advantages of learning English?

The advantages are largely the same as learning any other language... the ability to communicate in that language. English might carry a special advantage for people who work or live in an English-speaking country, or who do business in English. The side benefits of being able to understand jokes and read great English literature are there, of course... but those exist in any language, and (depending on how well the language is mastered) sometimes are never fully realized.

What are the advantage of learning English as a second language?

English is the first or second (or third) language of people all over the world. It is also the principal language of the Internet and of many print publications in spite of the fact that there are huge populations of Chinese and Indian people.

Why is learning to speak in English good?

For various reasons, English has become the first or second language used by most of the people on the planet Earth. Thus if you can speak English you can have a conversation with anybody anywhere - that has never happened on Earth before. Thus a non English speaker will now be at a disadvantage in life and that is why learning English is good.

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