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What are the advantages and disadvantages of getting crowns to correct a 5mm gap in your teeth if you are 15 years old?



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Dentists make a boatload of money by installing crowns. You should definitely get a second opinion, perhaps even a third. And one of those opinions should be an orthodontist's. They, of course, make money by installing braces, which can also be expensive but may be a more cost-effective solution. Schnaz is right! I just had caps put on many of my teeth, but I had a gap by my eye tooth on my lower jaw and the dentist (to save me money) bonded this. They build it up and fill in the gap and you can't even tell the difference. Get that second opinion and tell the next dentist you want it "bonded!" You are only 15 years old so you are still growing. It's very important to keep your teeth in good shape and certainly if you have a gap because it makes your other teeth shift out of line. Bonding is the cheapest and very effective way to deal with this. By the way, my 20 year old nephew just had bonding done on his teeth as he had gaps on the top and a couple of his teeth were too short.