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What are the advantages and disadvantages of ham radio?


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  • Durring a hurricane, tornado, wildfire, ect when all other forms of communication are un-usable, you can still use ham radio to gain knowledge about where to find water, ice, gas, shelter, ect. or to ask for help.
  • If you want to talk to people you don't have to pay a minute-ly fee, all you have to do is buy a radio and talk all you like!
  • You can talk to all sorts of people, the possibilities are endless. You can make friends, learn about all sorts of things you would never have known about otherwise.
  • You can help your community recover from a disaster after you join an organization like ARES or RACES.
  • You can learn all about radio and radio theory and learn Morse Code and practice it with other hams.
  • You can participate in radio related contests like field day.
  • You can do fun things like talk to the International Space Station or bounce your radio signal off the moon, a comet or even a meteor!


  • You wont be able to call a specific station unless you have already scheduled the meeting.
  • Your radio might not be able to reach all over the world without a better antenna

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