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Disadvantages: It is harder than surface mining and it also costs more money and takes more time

Advantages: Leads to more minerals and ore, also creates less pollution.


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Disadvantages:Surface mining is very dangerous.Advantages:Subsurface mining is saferSubsurface mining is cheaper,Subsurface mining is faster60% of the mining in the US is Subsurface mining.

Subsurface mining is less disruptive to the environment that strip mining, however the danger to the miners is greater

i don't know the types of subsurface mining, but i know some facts.surface mining is safer and easier than subsurface mining.You don't have much air underground.It has no or very little advantages compared to surface mining.

Surface mining is safer and easier than subsurface mining.Surface mining does more damage to the environment than subsurface.Surface mining creates more of a mess then subsurface or open cut mining.ON TH OTHER HAND-Subsurface mining is very dangerous.Subsurface mining allows you to retreive minerals from underground.Subsurface mining requires you to go underground, where you will have very little air.

Advantages: we get bauxite which we can export and built the economy. Disadvantages: persons homes and lands are destroyed for mining

what are the disadvantages of bauxite mining

Subsurface mining, is the extraction of ores and minerals, which lie underground.

when you do subsurface mining it causes earth quakes and tsunamis

Advantages:Surface mining is saferSurface mining is cheaper,Surface mining is fasterDisadvantages:Destroys the landscapeDestroys natural habitat

Surface Miningeasier than subsurface miningdoes more damage to environmentcreates more of a messSubsurface Miningit is very dangerousyou retrieve minerals from undergroundyou have very little air underground

The types of mining are shaft mining, strip mining, surface mining, and subsurface mining.

I have no idea I'm trying to figure that out to

Quarrying, Solution Mining, and Longwall Mining..this answer is presented to you by Tim/ Memphis

Advantages to the mining industry in general are that it can add jobs and money to the nearby economy. Some disadvantages are that the work is dangerous, and it is depleting the earthâ??s natural resources.

advantage:more oil disadvantage:environment messed up

Mining techniques can be divided into two common excavation types: surface mining (above ground) and subsurface (underground) mining. sometimes subsurface mining is also called deep mining like in my text book p.s i am in 8th grade

advantages: creates jobs. Gets a lot of limestone at once. disadvantages: destroys natural wildlife. Noise and dust polution. Expensive

Disadvantages are: Extinction of animal species Pollution Poisoning the water with fuels etc from mining equiptment Advantages are: Scientific results on how the animals survive and research into how the krill are surviving and research into the minerals and phytoplankton. Hope this helps, :)

The disadvantages of mining iron

The Antarctic Treaty prohibits any kind of commercial activity -- including mining -- south of 60 degrees South latitude.

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