What are the advantages and disadvantages of using coal as a fuel?


1. coal is cheap to buy( not all but some varieties)

2. it serves as a fuel in industries and hence is very important

3. it can be used to generate electricity

4.powdered coal has been liquified by using hydrogen under high pressure. this liquid coal is mainly used to power ships

5.it can be used as a good reducing agent (for producing iron and steel)

6.it burns without smoke.


1. it is non-renewable resource

2. it emits harmful gases (mostly carbon dioxide (CO2)) which cause both pollution and global warming

3.it is a bad conductor of heat and electricity

4. one of the gas emitted is carbon monooxide. This is highly poisonous and even 1% of it consumed can cause death

5.it takes thousands of years to form

6. it cannot be recycled