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What are the advantages and disadvantages of vinyl vs fiberglass pools in northern Illinois?

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Vinyl or Fiberglass in Illinois="h2headingh2"style="color:rgb(0,0,0);"name="vinyl_or_fiberglass_in_illinois">The advantages of vinyl are many, but first understand the true facts:

-- First, no manufacturer of fiberglass pools guarantees against cracks. Period.

-- Second, all pools can have problems when the water is emptied; when leaks are not repaired in a timely fashion; or when the water is lower than the surrounding groundwater.

Fiberglass pools are great: They can be installed with fewer subcontractors and in less time than a gunite pool. And they also have a smooth surface. Gunite pools have many choices and are not limited in size, shape or depth. They also have many smooth surface options and color choices and warranties vary.

Last and most important: YES, it takes a professional to install any in-ground swimming pool. If you don't hire one, you most likely will not get a good pool -- no matter what the shell is constructed of. It takes many years to learn to be a pool professional; this is not a craft that happens overnight.

Hire a professional, licensed, insured pool pro to get the pool you expect and to save money in the long run. Read your warranty: The fiberglass manufacturers have great warranties, as do the gunite manufacturers and even the Vinyl Liner in-ground pools alike.

Here is more input from others:="h2headingh3"style="color:rgb(0,0,0);"name="here_is_more_input_from_others:">
  • I have spoken to several people and was told that if you have a lot of clay in your soil and there is heavy rain, the fiberglass can actually pop out of the ground and float in the hole created for it (along with breaking up the surrounding concrete decking). My viewpoint is that it would be cheaper to spend $3,000-$5,000 to replace a liner.
  • I have owned all 3 types of pools (vinyl, fiberglass and concrete) in Michigan. Fiberglass pools are 10 times easier to maintain and much easier on the kids' feet. The rumor about fiberglass popping out and cracking is ridiculous. The concrete pool I owned did crack and the vinyl pool ripped twice in 3 years. My Viking fiberglass pool is guaranteed forever against cracking!
  • Both fiberglass and gunite pools offer excellent family fun centers. Quality is very high in each product. Fiberglass is limited by shape and size over gunite or vinyl liner. The surface of all three pools is excellent, and like any other product will yield excellent service with reasonable maintenance. If you are looking for excellent value, great family fun and a lasting investment at your home, nothing compares to an affordable in-ground swimming pool. A properly installed in-ground swimming pool, by one of the many industry-licensed professional builders, will last much longer than 35 years. ="margin-right:0px">


I am a fiberglass swimming pool installer. 12 years and counting with A++ knowledge and record. FYI- I have scene floating gunite pools and floating vinyl liners. If a pool develops a leak or the ground shifts or flooding occurs, it does not matter what type of pool you have, if there is more water on the outside of the pool shell than on the inside, something has to give. The liner pools develope floating liners even being full if there is a ground water issue and no precautions are taken during the install. Such as sump systems for the ground water.

Fiberglass Is 17 times denser that concrete giving it strength and more flexibility. I have seen them move up to as much as 5'' and hold their integrity.

Now. If the proper installation is applied to the life time warrenty shell, it to can be a lifetime backyard enjoyment for the family. The installation preperation and consideration of all elements and ground conditions to the area makes each and every pool install differant. Never one the same. So look at all of the variables involved with your backyard and keep in mind, If I you willing to spend your hard earned money on something that needs to last at least 20 plus years, what can be done during the install to help the projects longevity and your future sanity?="margin-right:0px">

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