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Constitutional monarchy combines some of the advantages of both representative government and that of absolute monarchy. The monarch him or herself provides a personal focus of national identity. This is especially important in cases where the national identity is trumped by ethnic, sectarian or tribal affiliation. Under these conditions elected officials who are not responsible to a single national figure can be expected to act in the best interests of their particular faction rather than in the interest in the nation as a whole. The constitutional advantages lie in the need of a monarch to codify traditional governance, moving governance from the realm of custom into the realm of law. These advantages may be non existent in a society without a strong sense of civil society or a tradition of political stability.

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What kind of government does Japan have?

Constitutional monarchyA Constitutional Monarchy.yes yesConstitutional monarchy

How could I use constituional monarchy in a sentence?

There's never a good constitutional monarchy around when you need one. Sweden is a constitutional monarchy.

Is America a constitutional monarchy?

no America is not a constitutional monarchy

Is great Britain a constitutional or absolute monarchy?

Constitutional Monarchy.

What type of government does the constitutional monarchy of japan have?

A constitutional monarchy.

What are any advantages or disadvantages democracy and monarchy have?

Advantages for monarchy: The King/Queen is prepared since birth to lead the country and carry out a successful job. Disadvantages for monarchy: only if it is constitutional. Advantages for democracy: the free speech Disadvantages for democracy: all has it, including the idiots.

Does North Korea have a constitutional monarchy?

No. North Korea does not have a Constitutional Monarchy.

What are some disadvantages of constitutional monarchy?

There are virtually no disadvantages to a constitutional monarchy.

Which monarchy is England?

A constitutional monarchy.

What form of government did Count Cavour believe in?

constitutional monarchythe answer is constitutional monarchy

What is sweden's form of government?

Constitutional monarchy.Constitutional Monarchy and Parliamentary Democracy.

What type of government does Sweden have?

Constitutional monarchy and Parliamentary democracy.Constitutional monarchy

Is Morocco's government constitutional monarchy?

yes. morocco's government is constitutional monarchy.

Is constitutional monarchy a type of government?

England has a constitutional monarchy. It is well governed.

Type of government in north America of all country?

Canada: constitutional monarchy United States: republic Mexico: republic Belize: constitutional monarchy Guatemala: republic El Salvador: republic Honduras: republic Nicaragua: republic Costa Rica: republic Panama: republic Bahamas: constitutional monarchy Cuba: republic Jamaica: constitutional monarchy Haiti: republic Dominican Republic: republic Dominica: republic Grenada: constitutional monarchy Barbados: constitutional monarchy Antigua and Barbuda: constitutional monarchy Saint Kitts and Nevis: constitutional monarchy Saint Lucia: constitutional monarchy Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: constitutional monarchy Trinidad and Tobago: republic All the countries listed above with a constitutional monarchy are all headed by Queen Elizabeth II, the monarch of the UK.

What are the two types of monarchy?

Absolute monarchy and Constitutional monarchy

When was Australians for Constitutional Monarchy created?

Australians for Constitutional Monarchy was created in 1992-06.

Who chooses the ruler in constitutional monarchy?

God. In a constitutional monarchy it is normal for the crown to be inherited.

Advantages and disadvantages of a costitutional monarchy?

One major advantage of a Constitutional Monarchy is that there is no political campaigning that takes place as the head of the government is seated by position within the family. One major disadvantage of a Constitutional Monarchy is that there is no way to remove the head of government from their seat as they are born into their position.

Does Spain have a constitutional monarchy?

No, it has a parliamentary monarchy.

Does the UK have a monarchy?

Yes, it has a constitutional monarchy.

Is Monaco a monarchy?

Monaco is a constitutional monarchy.

What type of government does Denmark have?

Constitutional monarchy.You could call it a democracy, but we have a monarchy. The proper term would be a constitutional monarchy.

What are the similarities between constitutional and absolute monarchy?

The similarities between a monarchy and constitutional monarchy are that their are both monarchies.

What is an example constitutional monarchy?

The British monarchy is a constitutional monarchy. The Queen is head of state but exercises no power regarding the running of the country.