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What are the advantages of reproductive health bill of the Philippines?

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Some of the advantages of the reproductive health bill of the Philippines are that it allows for women to access information about Birth Control and maternal care. In addition, the bill grants women the option for abortion if they choose to have smaller families.

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What is the reproductive health bill?

The Health Reproductive bill in the Philippines respresents a bill that is passed to have better access to health in the country especially for women and children needing it.

Advantages and disadvantages of reproductive health bill?

walay answer

What is the cause and effect of reproductive health bill in the Philippines?

Reproductive health bill (RH bill) designed because of over populated, this issue will effect an less abortion.

What is the purpose of reproductive health bill?

To lessen the population here in the Philippines....

Does the reproductive health bill saw the explosion of population of the Philippines?


What is the comments of reproductive health bill in the Philippines?

it can help the Filipino who are suffering of poverty.

What is the effect of reproductive health bill in the Philippines?

malaki ang labi ni adel

Do you agree in the reproductive health bill?

I agree because it can help in controlling the poverty in the Philippines..

What is your stand about reproductive health bill?

My stand about the reproductive health bill is AGAINST or I am anti-RH Bill as it is.

What is the importance of reproductive health bill?

Reproductive health bill helps us to control the growth of our population.

Where can you find sample slogan about reproductive health?

slogan of the reproductive health bill

What can you say about rh bill?

The RH Bill is the Reproductive Health Bill in the Philippines. The laws mandates access to contraception, fertility control, sexual ed and maternal care to everyone.

Why reproductive health bill or syntax bill?

Type your answer here... this is corny i want to know what syntax is or reproductive health bill and here i have to answer very disgusting.

What is the meaning of rh bill?

Reproductive Health Bill

Debate against Reproductive Health Bill in the Philippines?

other countries adopt this!but it is illogical somehow to apply it here in te phils.

What is the necessity of the reproductive health bill?


What are the composition of these reproductive health bill?


Is reproductive health bill worth to be supported?


Who proposed reproductive health bill?


What are the advantage of reproductive health bill?


What is the opinion About reproductive health bill?


What are your reaction about the reproductive health bill?


Do you disagree with reproductive health bill?


What is conclusion about reproductive health bill if the problem is in the family relation ship?

The reproductive health bill was established in 2012. This bill's purpose is to get reproductive health for families, such as birth control and maternal check ups for pregnant women.

What are the economic effects of reproductive health bill in the Philippines?

The reproductive health bill in the Philippines just passed in 2012 and wasn't implemented until 2013, so the numbers aren't in on how it's impacting things in an economic sense. However, proponents of the law hope that lowering the birth rate will decrease poverty and result in an improved economic condition for both families and the government.