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The only advantage that satellite internet has over cable, is that in certain locations where cable is unavailable, usually satellite will provide television services.

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Q: What are the advantages of satellite television compared to regular cable?
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What are the advantages of having satellite tv?

One advantage of satellite television is that more channels are available than on regular cable. Some say that the picture is more clear and that it can be less expensive than digital cable.

What makes satellite television different from broadcast television?

Satellite television requires the installation of a satellite dish which receives the television signal from satellites orbiting the earth. Regular television uses antenna to pick up signal from broadcasting towers. Satellite television typically offers more channels and program options than regular television.

Should I get satellite television or regular cable TV?

If money isn't a big factor in your decision, you should get cable. It generally more reliable than satellite.

Which cable TV companies are there in Israel?

"Yes" - satellite television company "Hot" - regular cable television company

What are the disadvantages of satellite tv over regular cable tv?

One of the disadvantages of satellite tv is that for each tv, you need one dish, if you have 5 tvs in your house you will need 5 dishes. Also satellite reception can be degraded due to bad weather.

Is NFL network on regular tv station?

Why is NFL no longer on regular Thursday night TV?

What channel is spike TV on regular TV?

Spike TV is only on Cable TV , Satellite Television or other pay television services.

What channel is FX on regular TV?

You need a pay television service (Cable TV, Dish Satellite TV) to receive the FX channel.

Do you need an antenna for lcd?

You need it if you want to view regular free television. If you have satellite television or cable you only need to connect the output of the decoder to the corresponding input on you LCD television. Hope that helps.

What are the advantages of a Ferrari motorcycle compared to other motorcycles?

Some advantages of a Ferrari motorcycle compared to that of a regular motorcycle is that a Ferrari motorcycle can reach much higher top speeds while handling much better.

What are the advantages of using an interactive TV instead of a regular one?

Interactive televisions feature a slew of new features that can be used on a television. For example, it is possible to do online shopping and banking with interactive televisions.

Does the laptop receive signals for a satellite?

For a laptop (or any computer) to receive signals from a satellite you must add a receiver card. This could be external (USB interface) or internal (PCMCIA for a laptop, PCI for a regular PC). The receiver card has to be fed signals from a satellite antenna or a satellite dish with amplifier converter, known as an LNB. You do not say what signal you want from the satellite. You can watch TV or download data using a satellite receiver card, for this you will need a subscription with a satellite ADSL provider, who will also offer you the card and the software.

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