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The specs you are looking for may be found in the Dodge service manuals or bulletins, which can be printed out for you at any dealership that services dodge vehicles. You have to be nice when asking for them.On the other hand, go to autozone or hi-lo or any shop that sells manuals for the Chrysler Concorde or intrepid, they may be there.I did not get the question clear though, and, in addition to the above, are you trying to set the timing or replace worn out parts? Do you need the torque specs or ????????If its the timing, then rotate both of them until they are 90deg from the mating surface on the exhaust. Use the dots or arrows inside the timing gears on both left and right camshaft gears. The dot that looks punched in will be your best bet. The gold markings are also good, but depends on the condition of your chain.

Post again if you need more info, or explain which specs you are after.

mr Houston.

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โˆ™ 2015-05-05 11:23:40
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Q: What are the alignment specs on the timing chain for a 1999 Intrepid 2.7 and small cam chains?
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