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Memory foam pads can soften mattresses that are too hard. They can relieve pressure on the back, neck, and legs, and a three or four inch thick mattress pad is much, much cheaper than an entire memory foam mattress.

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Q: What are the benefits of memory foam mattress pads?
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Where can you find cheap memory foam mattress pads?

Online shopping might be the best bet to find cheap memory foam mattress pads. Overstock currently has them on sale for as little as $239.99. Other items such as memory foam pillows are available as well.

Can electric mattress pads be used over memory foam mattress toppers?

It is not recommended to use an electric mattress pad on memory foam mattresses. The heat from the mattress pad can effect the overall feel of the mattress and ultimately do damage.

Where can I get a memory foam mattress cheaply?

Depending on the size you want you should try Amazon, Overstock or even They also sell memory foam mattress pads if you don't want to foot the cost of an entire mattress.

Are memory foam mattress pads washable?

You can clean it with plain water. You can soak the spot with a detergent also.

Where can I purchase a foam mattress Pad?

Foam mattress pads can be purchased from many locations. Foam mattress pads can be found at Wal-Mart, Target, Kohls, Mattress Discounters, and many other fine retail establishments.

Where can a consumer purchase a memory foam mattress pad topper inexpensively?

Memory foam mattress pads can be found at any store that sells mattresses like Leons or The Brick. As well Ebay also has a selection of mattress pad toppers that can be purchased at reasonable prices.

Which mattress pads are considered the most comfortable wool, foam, or silk?

The soft foam mattress pads are the highest rated as far as comfort goes.

do you think a mattress pad would be good for someone that has complications with their back?

Memory foam mattress pads can be used to reduce pressure points and comfort the aches of your back.

How long does a memory foam matteress pad usually last?

The memory of an average foam mattress pad is reported to last for years. This is because the foam in these pads is so dense. Some foam mattress pads come with warranties that last as long as ten years. Mos memory foam pads have a warrenty of 20 years. However if you are buing a seperate pad from say a local department store they only seem to last a few years. There are many factors involved in the wear and tear involved. These can include body weight, kids and quality of the pad itself.

Can electric mattress pads be used under memory foam pad?

We have placed our electric blanket underneath our memory foam topper, and it works perfectly well and doesn't seem to have harmed the topper. Hope this helps! :-)

Can you recommend a brand that carries mattress pads that have at least one inch of memory foam in it?

EcoMemoryFoam mattress pads are an excellent choice. Their products are plant based and environmentally friendly and the brand carries a variety of sizes and styles to chose from..

Where can one purchase memory foam pads for pillow cases?

Memory foam pads for pillow cases can be purchased from many retailers and stores. Some examples of stores that stock memory foam pads include Bed Bath & Beyond and Sleepy's.

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