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The best foods to get calcium and vitamin D are dairy foods like milk and yogurt. Both of these contain both calcium and vitamin D, so try those or a supplement.

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Q: What are the best foods to consume for vitamin d and calcium?
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What is the best way to consume vitamin A?

Consume more papaya and carrot

What is the best calcium supplement with vitamin d for a 63 year old woman?

calcium, magnesium, B12 and vitamin D

What foods are the best sources for vitamin D?


What nutrient is best to help osteoprosis?

The best help for osteoporosis is calcium with vitamin D3.

What are the best foods for providing energy?

Bannans muffins and stuff with potassiumfor me vagetables and fruits is the best foods we should eat because it contains calcium,vitamin and other source of energy that we need everyday.A diet rich in Protein and Carbohydrates.

What is the Best vitamin for healthy bones?

Calcium is probably the most important thing for strong bones, and that isn't a vitamin.

What are the best foods to eat when someone has a cold?

lots of foods that have vitamin c in them. for example oranges

What foods would be the best dietary source of preformed vitamin A?


What is the best thing to consume if you want healthy bones?

Bones require calcium to become strong. Dairy products contain calcium such as milk. However you can take a supplement if you cannot consume dairy.

Where can one find information on the best calcium foods?

Well you can find them in a cook book. Or you can check the internet for those kinds of foods. But yeah you can always go into a cook book or check a website for the best calcium foods.

What is the best diet for osteoporosis?

The best diet for Osteoporosis is one with good amounts of Calcium and Vitamin D. As these are what makes up your bone density. You can go to, to find out more information.

Is calcium bad for you?

Calcium is a mineral that our bodies need. It is especially important for strong bones, so in that respect, calcium is not only good for us, but necessary. The best way to provide our bodies with calcium is through a healthy diet that includes calcium-rich foods. Getting calcium that way insures that you are not only getting calcium, but other nutrients that are needed for calcium to work right. When taking supplements, ones that only contain calcium can be bad for you. Other nutrients, such as Vitamin D, phosphorus and magnesium are needed along with calcium. Taking calcium by itself can have harmful effects on the heart. The best supplements to take are those made from whole foods that supply the nutrients that need to be taken with calcium along with the calcium.

What is the best food in vitamin C?

Foods like orange and lemon and other citrus fruits are very good for Vitamin C.

Is there a special diet or foods that help with arthritis?

According to, the best foods to consume to help with arthritis are lots of fruits, vegetables, fish, olive oil and other supplements such as vitamin E tablets or Flax Seed pills.

What is the best calcium salt to be used during pregnancy and are there any contraindications for using Vitamin D3 during pregnancy?

so many calcium brands and salts avilable in market ,from calcium carbonate, citrate maleate, aspartate ,orotate,and so other. best calcium are those are dispersed early. and upto 1000 units of vitamin D can be taken daily in pregnancy ..

What are the best osteoporosis supplements?

Calcium, magnesium, lysine, vitamin D, and vitamin K are apparently the top five best supplements for osteopororsis since they help promote healthy strong bones.

How could a person with scurvy best improve their health?

eat foods high in Vitamin C

What is the best food to consume if you have a broken bone you want to heal?

Milk, meats mainly something high in calcium and protein

What foods are good for a person with type A blood?

Any foods with a lot of vitamin A. Carrots and other fruits and vegetables would be best to eat. That person should also try to find out what foods are best for the individual.

Which lettuce is the best for you to consume?

Most dark greens are good sources of Vitamin C, beta-carotene, iron, calcium, folate, and dietary fiber. The rule of thumb is, usually, the darker the greens, the more nutritious the leaf. -

Why is it important to drink milk?

Milk is one of the best sources of calcium for the body.Milk is filled with Vitamin D that helps the body absorb calcium. Proper calcium intake contributes to strong and healthy bones.Drinking milk provides other benefits such as healthy teeth, rehydration and improves vitamin intake.

What is the best substitute for milk?

I am trying to reduce my caloric intake, but at the same time I must maintain my intake of Vitamin A and calcium.

What foods are best at helping you grow?

Pretty much anything with calcium and vitamin D. Some foods that contain these important nutrients are milk, cheese, and yogurt. If you don't enjoy consuming dairy products, many other foods are available that are jam-packed with nutrients necessary for growing. Total cereal is great! One bowl of Total cereal actually has 100% of your daily recommended value of calcium. Nuts are also packed with calcium, however, they are also packed with calories and fat. -I hope I helped! =]

What is the best kind of smoothie?

The best kind of smoothie includes: 1 cup of blueberries vitamin C and antioxidants 1 1/2 cup of vanilla ice cream calcium and protein 1 banana potassium and calcium 2 cups of milk calcium

What is the best treatment for calcified coronary arteries?

vitamin k my man and avoid blood thinning drugs/foods