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What are the best methods to keep your gums healthy?


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Aside from the normal things your dentist will tell you (flossing, etc.), rinsing or gargling with warm salt water, regularly, is very good for your gums. Wet your toothbrush and then sprinkle it with a layer of salt, then brush your gums, roof of your mouth and tongue, then rinse. Pop some CoEnzyme Q10 supplements in addition to what has been outlined above. It strengthens the gums and the heart.


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A special toothpaste can help keep your gums healthy and make your teeth stronger,=it is called duraphat and costs a lot so it would be better to ask for it to be prescribed=

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To clean their teeth, keep gums healthy, keep themselves busy, and strengthen their jaws.

It is much healthier for your gums to sleep without dentures. It will irritate the gums in your sleep which will result in sores on the gums. The gums need time to rest and to allow normal stimulation to maintain healthy gums. Also the dentures will collect plenty of germs in your mouth during the day, so it is good and recommended to soak them in warm water or a denture cleaner at night. Make sure to keep a routine cleaning of your dentures to insure healthy gums.

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