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What are the best research sites on the Internet for any topic?


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May 31, 2007 4:37PM

This question is a huge can of worms to open, but I will try and give some leads in a condensed version. The most direct source of research materials is still a Public Library, because books don't have advertisements usually, and the given subject area is directly at your finger tips (in a book). However, research on just about any given subject is possible with the advent of an online search engine (most notorious is Google). A search engine mines the vast global Internet and finds relative sites to specified search criteria. The complication with this is due to many commercial sites also showing up in your search results, and these sites don't have much specific information about a given subject; rather, they would try and sell you on a subject. If your searching subjects related to Computer stuff, "white papers" are a good source of information. Another good site is howstuffworks, because they have a vast source of topics which are explained.,, and Online Encyclopedia's also are a decent source of good information. In brief, searching for research material is cryptic in nature, because you learn over time to skip websites in search engine results that associate to a product. One other resource is *online libraries* that are usually hosted by organizations like major universities.