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Look into the Pro Comp A/T They are a good all terrain tire that carry a severe weather symbol (a mountain with a snow flake in it-signifys a tire that legitimately performs well in winter driving conditions) Check your local tire professional or off-road parts house.GL BF Goodwrich A/T tire is the best and most common tire for use on multiple terrains.

2007-04-06 01:38:42
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What is car driving?

car driving is,what we drive in roads,

What is driving distance?

The distance from point A to point B when you are driving on roads.

Rules for driving on non county maintained dirt roads?

All the rules that apply to state or county roads apply. This meaning speeding, reckless driving and or reckless driving is punishable by law.

What are the Government Regulations on Roads?

There are different government regulations on roads. Most of them include safety in driving, speed, soberness while driving and so much more.

What do conservationists think about vehicles in the Mojave Desert?

Stay on established roads and do not go off-roading. A vehicle crossing desert habitat can cause damage that can take decades to repair.

Can you go offroading with a Mitsubishi Outlander?

Yes, the Mitsubishi Outlander is meant for rugged terrains and can be taken off-roading. It is equipped with 4-wheel drive for rough roads and conditions.

Do unpaved roads lead to death?

Yes because when your driving down the road more car crashes happen on unpaved roads then on paved roads

What is the distance in miles driving on roads from Munich to Heidelberg?

The driving distance is about 207 road miles.

Can you drive on the rocky mountains?

There are a number of roads and highways that run through and around the Rockies, but most people would find it difficult to go off-roading, because the trees are very thick.

The distance in miles or kilometers driving on roads from California to Wales?

There are no roads from Cali to Wales. Unless you're talking about the expressway.

Country roads May require a different driving approach?


Can Mass suspend your RI license?

If you were driving on Massachusetts roads then yes they can.

Is drink driving the number 1 killer one your roads today?


What happens to light when driving on wet roads?

the light bounces of the water

How high does a muffler have to be off the ground?

Depends on the terrain you are driving in if roads are bumpy are potholed it has to be higher than if the roads are smooth with no bumps.

UK driving license can you drive in the us?

The U.K driving licence will be valid in the U.K only , you will have to pass the driving test in the U.S.A. To drive on the roads.

The distance in miles driving on roads from Mexico City Mexico to Evansville Indiana?

The driving distance is 1,864.28 miles by road.

What is the driving distance and driving time from lampasas Texas to Austin Texas?

Forty Five minutes with the new toll roads

What is driving distance between patras Greece and Olympia Greece?

About 1 to 1.30 hours . It depends on your driving and your knowledge about the roads !

If you are banned from driving in the UK can you ride a bicycle on UK roads?

You can always ride a bicycle, regardless of your driving license status.

Can you Suggest ways to lessen the burden on roads?

Driving lighter weight vehicles.

Why accidents are more frequent along curve roads?

Due to irresponsible driving

When should you put your Toyota Camry in over drive?

It's recommended to do when you are driving in mountains or in a hilly region. To use "over drive off" on a highway is not recommended. Sometimes people use it when there is a lot of snow on roads. It doesn't allow transmission to switch higher gears which makes your car more stable on snowy and icy roads.

What is the distance in miles or kilometers driving on roads from Washington DC to Richmond VA?

The driving distance is about 108 miles or 173 km.

Can you go to jail if you start driving crazy on any roads with a car?

Yes, Reckless driving (or endangerment) CAN carry a jail sentence.