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Q: What are the bodys sources of energy in the order of which they are used in a long-distance race?
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What is the declining order of importance for the various energy sources?


State and explain one reason why you need alternative or different sources of energy?

we need different sources of energy in order to survive for example without chemical energy we can't have food and in order to survive we need food.

How is a machine conversion similar to a bodys conversion?

A machine converts fuel into energy in order to work or run according to design and purpose, and the same is true for humans, we convert food into energy so that we can function properly.

What energy sources provides the nation with the most energy?

The answer varies from one nation to another. In order for the question to be answerable, you will need to be more specific.

What energy sources became important to industry in chronological order?

Water Steam Coal Oil Nuclear

What Is a resources that is necessary in order to make food?

Supplies of food, places and sources we can get food from.

Can you slow down electrons in order to store renewable energy sources?

There are two parts to this: "Can you slow down electrons" - yes, that's possible; electron transport moves at different speeds in different materials. "in order to store renewable energy sources" - that's essentially nonsense.

Are muscles or fats easily broken down to release energy?

the energy sources are, in order of use; sugars, fats and muscles. Easily broken down, yes.

What sources of energy do your Cells use?

We burn Lipids, Carbohydrates and Proteins. The 'Particular Order' depends upon 'Substance Availability'.

What order were the following energy sources discovered by humans fossil fuels fuel cells biomass enery?

i dont know

What is the order from low energy to high energy?

Energy sources from highest to lowest are sunlight, heat generated from earths core, water sources, natural gases, and wind. chemical energy is also another powerful source.

What is the difference between a polluting energy and a non-pulluting energy?

no such thing. all energy sources produce at least some waste heat which can be considered a pollutant... even the cleanest. Perhaps one could say "order of magnitude of pollution".