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What are the cam belt settings for a 1.2 Renault Clio?

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I assume you mean what is the correct tension on a Clio cam belt?

Using the twist method on the longest section of belt, it should twist between 30 and 45 degrees.

Too tight and it will whine, too lose and it will slap about.

I am writing this to try and improve the above answer. On my Clio 1.2 diet 8v the new cam belt when fitted with the adjuster fully backed off the belt would only twist about 45 degrees with moderate pressure on the section of belt Haynes suggested! ( between the water pump and the crankshaft pulley...) This was too lose! However hard I pushed it onto the belt it still only twist about 45 degrees (and this was now too tight as it whined on start up!..... so this method is too hit and miss. DO NOT RUN IT WITH THE AUXILIARY DRIVE BELT PULLEY REMOVED AS THIS PREVENTS THE BELT WALKING OFF THE SPROCKETS! ( I DID AND I ONLY JUST STOPPED THE ENGINE IN THE NICK OF TIME)

With the lock nut for the tension jockey wheel left loose push the wheel with you thumb upwards (it should be moving anticlockwise) so it is pressing onto the belt with only enough pressure to fully remove the slack. While holding it firmly against the belt lock off the nut too hold it in position. I found that if you grab the water pump and try and turn it if you cant get it to turn the belt is too taught. If it spins freely it a bit loose. If you can just get it too turn against the stationary belt its about right! I have to say however that I bricked it and purchased a facom dm.16 tension gauge and checked it was correctly tensioned. Ive heard to many Horror stories with Renault and £64 pounds buys lots of piece of mind.

2009-11-06 22:39:31
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Q: What are the cam belt settings for a 1.2 Renault Clio?
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Renault clio 1.2 16v cam belt change intervals?

72000 miles, 5 years

How do you change a cam belt Renault clio?

Take to garage as special tools required to lock cams and crank

How much is cam belt replacement on a Renault clio grande 1.2?

The cam belt replacement on a Renault Clio Grande 1.2 might cost over $1,000. It all depends on who is doing the work. Labor cost will be a big factor for this type of job. The entire front of the motor needs to come off to replace the cam belt. The timing also has to be reset.

What mileage should a Renault Clio cam belt need changing?

5 years or 72,000 miles, whichever is sooner.

When should a cam belt be changed on a Renault clio 1.5 d?

At about 50 to 60 K mi, or per the owners manual.

When should the cam belt be changed on a Renault Clio 02 plate?

72K miles or 5 years (whichever comes first) for most engines. Get accessories belt (alternator belt) changed too as failure can smash timing belt cover causing belt failure.

Which way the cam shaft diamond marking should be pointed on a Renault clio 2004?

The Renault Clio was produced from the years 1990 to present. The way that the camshaft diamond marking should be pointed on a Renault Clio 2004 are that the long tips should be facing towards the top and bottom.

What are the settings on a cam belt for a Renault scenic?

Which engine 16v need locking tools and have floating pulleys !! If you mean what tension on belt they have a tensioner that needs to be set so points on tensioner line up

How do you fit cam belt on Renault clio 1.2 v reg?

Loosen the timing belt adjustment pulley located on the side of the engine. When the pulley creates enough slack slide the new belt onto the cams. Make sure the cams are aligned correctly.

How do you change cam belt on a Renault megane?

take it to a proper garage

How do you change cam belt on Renault megane coupe?

At a garage, no way is this a home job

When to change cam belt Renault Kangoo?

how many miles before you have to change cambelt on Renault kangoo 1.5 dci van

What belt sits below the fan belt on a 1999 Renault Megane Scenic?

The cam belt which works the water pump. Cheers. Donna

How do i change the cam belt on a clio 1.4 16 valve?

remove the old one and install the new one

At what mileage should you replace the cam belt on a Renault laguna rt 1800?


How much for a cam belt laguna 2002?

Just paid £290, for 2.2 diesel, Renault quoted £360

How much does a cam belt for a Renault megane cost?

When owning a car, the owner should be aware of the cost of its parts. The Renault Megane Cambelt cost can range from $100 to $350.

Cambelt intervals Renault traffic dci 100 van?

My Renault Traffic sport has done 33,090 miles, and is 4 years old, when do they require a new cam belt?

How much does it cost to change a cam belt of a Renault?

If it's a Scenic model about £300+. If any other model alot

How often is a cam belt change on a clio 1.2 16v?

i was advised to replace the Cam Belt at 75000 miles or five years whatever was soonest, For piece of mind i also changed the belt tensioner and the water pump, as costs were minimal compared to an engine failure! Hope this helps

Renault megane dci does it have chain or cam belt?

i crashed my 51 pl8 megane today and i had a garage look at it and they said they was sure it had a cam chain. hope that of some help

Is the cam belt and timing belt the same thing?

I have never heard of a cam belt, but a timing belt does drive the cam or cams

Does BMW320i has cam belt?

Does BMW320i has cam belt?

Does Kia Sedona 2006 have a cam chain or a cam belt?

It has a cam belt.

Is a cam belt a timing belt?

Yes , a cam belt and a timing belt are the same thing