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the causes for poor communication between couples are maybe if you and your partner are not really close and have no trust between each other, if this is your case you need to talk about it just tell him\her that a relationship is not just to say that he\shes my bf or gf cause you need to communicate well hopefully this will help you fix your realtionship

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What are the major causes of umemployment?

a slow economy, automation of industries, lack of skilled workers, government sanctions, poor communication between workers and management, nature

What are the top ten reasons marriage fail?

Poor communication between you and your husband.

How did the distance and poor communication between England and the Colonies promote a spirit of independence in American colonies?

there distance and poor communication made them individuals in a way where they can stand alone making them independent.

Many organizations identify poor communication as the root of many problems?

Poor Communication is the answer.

Can you give me a sentence for communication?

you have poor communication skills

What are interpersonal barriers in communication?

most common causes for interpersonal barriers are:-limited vocabularyemotional outburstscommunication selectivitypoor listening skillsnoise in the channelcultural variation

What are the causes of the Mexican revolution?

The were several causes for the Mexican revolution. The people were tired of the dictatorial rule of Diaz, the exploitation and poor treatment of workers, and the great disparity between the rich and the poor.

What is the impact of communication barriers?

Communication barrier cause 1. Misunderstanding between patties 2. Conflict between patties, because one can get hunger 3. Poor attention 4. break Relationship

Why is it so frustrating when there is poor communication between friends and the friendship loses fun until the misunderstanding is fixed?

You answered your own question by saying there is poor communication. In life most misunderstandings are simply due to poor communication skills. When there is a problem in any area of your life with a person then good communication skills are a must and you should deal with the problem immediately and with honesty so the fun and closeness you may have with a friend continues to be.

What are the causes of poor communication in organization?

In any type of organization, good practices (including communication, written or oral) is controlled from the top down. The level of practices will only be as good as what is 'acceptable' to the management level above each. In other words, internal communication will only be as good as what is expected by, accepted by management. If poor communication is the problem, look to those who set the standards within the organization.

What are the strengths and weaknesses in a marriage?

There are many strengths and weaknesses that vary between marriages. One marriage might have poor communication while another might have great communication for example.

Who loses more interms of communication between one who lacks listening skills and one who has problem of speech?

The poor listener.

Which were the causes for the decline of the roman empire?

the widening of class distinctions between the rich and poor.....

What can be the weaknesses and strengths of a good manager?

Poor communication

Why communication fail in an organization?

Communication may fail in an organization because of poor communication infrastructure. Communication may also fail if employees do not respect each other.

Does low tire pressure causes squeaking?

No. Low tire pressure causes poor handling and poor tire wear.

What causes a good dog to go crazy?

Poor management. Poor diet. Poor treatment.

What are the cost of poor communication?

Almost the same cost of poor question typing skills, like this question.

What causes of woman to be poor?


What problems does television create in the family?

anti social problems, poor communication between family members. No communication with each other for hours, lack of interest in each other. Constant fights over what to watch or what is on the TV.

What causes excessive saliva and pressure in the center of the body between the rib cage at night?

Poor health or allergies, I would think.

Effects and causes of poor environmental sanitation?

poor environment has a great effect on causes many disease and effect persans health.

What are the causes for the poorness of ethiopia?

give me 5 causes of poor ness in ethiopia

What are causes of depression among the poor?

Depression has the same effects on everyone, rich or poor.

What are the causes of school dropouts?

poor retention