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it is mostly the timing off or the carburater needs adjusted.or the petrol filter requires replacing [at fuel pump]

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Q: What are the causes of a 1974 Mercedes 230 car backfiring?
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How do you replace the drive belts on an 1974 Mercedes sl?

how do you replace the drive belts on an 1974 mercedes 230

Which battery has a Mercedes e 230 w124?

12V 72Ah

Where is power steering reservoir for mercedes slk-230?

It is built into/onto the power steering pump itself.

Where to buy rebuild engines and transmission for Mercedes-Benz slk 230-class?

here to buy rebuild engines and transmission for mercedes-benz slk 230-class?

Where to buy rebuild engines and transmission for1997 Mercedes-Benz slk 230-class?

Where to buy rebuild engines and transmission for1997 mercedes-benz slk 230-class

Mercedes 230 radio removal tool?

You can get one on eBay for $3.99

Mercedes Benz 230 w123 owner's manual download?


What petrol in a 2000 Mercedes 230 slk kompressor?

high test

How do you find engine number in Mercedes Benz slk 230?

This is very helpful

Where is the oil filter on a Mercedes slk 230?

en tu chingada madre

What does E230mean for Mercedes?

Assuming E230 is what is written on the vehicle? It indicates that its an "E" class mercedes, and the 230 indicates its a 2.3 litre engine.

How often do you replace a fuel filter 06 slk 280 Mercedes?

How do you tell if the fuel filter is bad in 1997 230 mercedes

Why does your Mercedes Benz SLK 230 engine miss at high RPM?

Mercedes Benz SLK 230's engine will start cutting out at rpm's above 4k if the car is in park. This is a self preservation safety feature.

What causes white smoke in Mercedes 230 1979 after idling for a while is it PCV valve if pcv where is it located Thanks?

White smoke is steam It may be a early indication that the head gasket is failing.

Where can i find the fusebook in my Mercedes clk 230 2001?

check the trunk near the battery.

How do you disable the automatic headlights on a 2001 Mercedes 230?

You can't. It's a safety feature.

Mercedes-Benz slk 230?

The slk 230 was revealed at the Turin auto show called the slk 230 kompressor it had to take on the porsche boxster s and bmw z3 it had a 2.3 liter supercharged straight-4 engine producing 193hp you had a choice of a automatic transmission or a 5 speed manual.

Changing bulb in reflector mirrors Mercedes Benz s430?

You must buy the cover $230

What is the radio code for the Mercedes e 230?

I believe that each radio has its own code, you will have to get it from a dealer.

How many Cylinders does the 2002 Mercedes-Benz Kompressor C-230 Have?


Which cylinder is cylinder 4 in a Mercedes slk 230?

You always start counting from the timing belt/chain. Cylinder 4 is the one closest to the windshield on a SLK 230.

What does an exclamation mark mean in dashboard of Mercedes 230 2005?

It means attention for sure. Your owners manual with have this information. If you do not have one then call your local Mercedes dealer.

What do error codes B1275 B1276 B1279 concerning the convertible top of a 1999 Mercedes Benz slk 230 mean?

the only one who can tell you is a Mercedes dealer

What type of motor oil do you use for a 1998 Mercedes SLK 230?

Mobil one 0-40

How do I reset the service indicator on a 2001 Mercedes c 230?

hold down the breaks for 1 min