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There are several causes of chest pain. Chest pain could signal a heart attack or just a pulled muscle. In any case of chest pain, it is important to see your doctor or go to an emergency room.

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Q: What are the causes of chest pain?
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Related questions

What are the causes of non cardiac chest pain?

Esophageal causes of noncardiac chest pain include gastroesophageal reflux disease, and other abnormalities of the esophagus.

Where can you obtain information on chest pain?

Chest pain is a serious condition that requires medical attention. Current information on chest pain should be obtained from your medical provider since they have current information on causes and concerns.

What causes chest pain without high pulse?

what causes black under eyes

What does it mean when you have chest pain?

There are a number of causes for chest pain including pericarditis, GERD, anxiety, and heart attack. Due to the potentially serious nature of chest pain, it is important that you see your doctor and do not try to self-diagnose.

Why lifting hand causes chest pain at times?

The shoulder part of our body has muscles which holds our arm bones in hand with that of shoulder bones and runs to the chest too. So while much work is done by hand it causes chest pain.

What causes chest pain and difficulty swallowing?

eating to fast

Can pulled muscle cause chest pain when you eat?

Yes. However, there are much more serious causes of chest pain. Chest pain should always be evaluated by a doctor to check for heart disease or other serious medical problems.

What causes soreness in chest after sharp chest pain?

If you are having chest pains then you should go and see a qualified medical practitioner (a Doctor) as soon as you possibly can. If the pain is bad you should get to a hospital immediately.

What causes Chest pain?

loss of flow of blood, constricted arteries

Why does tuberculosis cause tiredness and chest pains?

because the internal replobis is disturbed and causes the chest to feel pain

Does a tightness on the left side mean you could suffer a heart attack?

Many people with chest pain fear a HEART ATTACK. However, there are many possible causes of chest pain. Some causes are not dangerous to your health, while other causes are serious and even life-threatening. Any organ or tissue in your chest can be the source of pain, including your heart, lungs, esophagus, muscles, ribs, tendons, or nerves. Pain may also spread to the chest from the neck, abdomen, and back.

What should you do to treat chest pain symptoms?

Chest pain should be treated by your doctor. If you have chest pain that causes a hard time to breath, excess squeezing of the chest or a hard time to speak you should take your dad to the emergency room right away. He may be having a heart attack.

what are the causes and treatment for chest pain?

Chest pain can be cause by multiple things. You could be sick. If you smoke then you can hurt your lungs, If you are sick, your cough could be loud and you may have a lot of congestion.

Does dairy give you chest pain?

dairy does not usually give you chest pain but, if you have some allergies you will get chest pain but naturally no you will not get chest pain

What causes pain in the upper torso chest area under right arm?


Slight pain in left side of chest but blood pressure normal.?

See a doctor if you experience any chest pain. Not all problems that cause chest pain will affect blood pressure. Plus, there are so many possible causes it that it will be impossible to get an answer on here. Doctors will look at other signs and symptoms in addition to the chest pain to help narrow down the cause. Hope this helps!

What causes upper back pain and left arm aches no chest pain?

neck and left arm aches related to angina ,

You just want to no what causes chest pain after a heart attack?

Chest pain after a heart attack or during a heart attck is caused by constriction of the blood vessels. Your heart needs blood to survive and when the vessels constrict, it limits bloodflow to your heart. This causes intense pain--that is why you are given nitroglycerin tablets. Nitro opens the vessels.

Can lupus cause chest pain?

Lupus patients often develop pleurisy, or inflammation of the lining of the lungs. This causes chest pain upon deep breathing. Lupus patients may also develop inflammation in the heart which also causes chest pain. There are three types of inflammation of the heart based on which layer is affected: pericarditis, myocarditis, and endocarditis. All chest pains should be addressed by a doctor immediately.

What does Electrocardiography find?

It is used to evaluate causes of symptoms such as chest pain, shortness of breath, and palpitations

What causes a slight pain or pinching in the upper left side of my chest?

If a person feels a slight pain or pinching on the left side of their chest, it could be heartburn. Heartburn is cause my acid in the stomach and spicy foods.

What causes pain on chest arms back while coughing?

The main cause of pain in the chest, arms, and back while coughing is muscle fatigue. These muscles are not typically used and will quickly tire through coughing.

A patient with a chief complaint of chest pain The chest pain can be related to?

Many, many things.  The first consideration with chest pain is always heart disease such as myocardial infarction (heart attack).  In this scenario the chest pain is called angina and may be associated with left arm pain, jaw pain, sweating, palpations, &/or shortness of breath.  Other causes of chest pain may include GERD (acid reflux), hiatal hernia, costochondritis, aortic dissection, lung disorders (pleurisy, pleuritis, pulmonary embolus, panic attacks, or referred pain from other organs)

Why do you keep having a sharp pin sticking pain in your left chest side?

There are many causes of pain on the left side of the chest: musculo skeletal pain, oesaphagitis and reflux, pancreatitis and stomach ulcers, angina and heart disease, chest infections, shingles, fibrositis, referred pain from spine and occasionally from gall bladder disease and irritable bowel. A detailed investigation is needed to establish the cause of pain.

What is angina and its symptoms with any cure, if available?

Angina is one of the serious causes of chest pain. "Angina" is an abbreviation of angina pectoris, a Latin term for "squeezing of the chest." Chest pain is a common symptom caused by many different conditions. Some causes require prompt medical attention, such as angina, heart attack, blood clots in the lungs, or tearing of the aorta.

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