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Students in collage may act out for a variety of reasons, including no reason at all. Students may feel the independence they have and not care about any consequences that may occur.

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What are the causes of immoral behavior in secondary schools in Kenya?

The same things that cause immoral behaviour elsewhere. Curiosity. Lack of guidance and discipline. That immorality will differ depending on the society and the ethics held by that group.

What causes a behavior?

An stimulus causes a behavior

What the contribution of Behavior?

Behavior causes things to Happen.

How DEAE-Sepharose chromatography causes separation of proteinsDobby and Kreacher?

sum1 help these Kingston university flow of genetics students lol

What causes catatonic behavior?

Its when you get horny.

Causes of absenteeism of students?

Illness is one of the causes of absenteeism for students. Students skipping school to hang out with friends is another reason. Lack of supervision can also factor into absenteeism.

Does Down Syndrome causes childlike behavior?

yes it causes childlike symptoms

The four goals of scientific research are to?

1. Description of behavior 2. Prediction of behavior 3. Finding causes of behavior 4. Explanation of behavior

What provoked the massive protest at Kent State University?

Racial segregation and inequality provoked the massive protest at Kent State University. This was concerning black students who felt mistreated. They wanted to advance their human rights, and therefore their own causes.

How is Psychology studied?

Mostly through research, psychology students aim to unearth the root causes of human behavior and ways in which abnormal behavior can be recified. However, as the famous researcher Thomas Szasz once said - abnormality is only a result of the surrounding cultural environment - it's relative.

Causes of students poor perfomance in English?

because students emphasized only on memorizing not understanding.

What are the causes of bad behavior?

Violent video games and T.V. shows can cause bad behavior. Influences from other people can cause bad behavior as well.

How to write a Schematic report on causes of strike of students at school?

Students strike for a number of reasons. Normally it is an injustice the students or society have received. Writing the schematic report on these causes can easily follow a simple flow chart and chronological progression.

What are the four goals of psychological research?

To describe behavior To understand (explain) its causes To predict how people will behave To influence behavior

How does the social environment affect human behavior?

The social environment affects the human behavior. It causes an individual to alter the decisions.

What is the behavior of the box jellyfish?

It stings people and that causes alots of death

How personality is shown?

personality is shown through a persons total behavior and by the response of other people to that behavior, the impact of a person's behavior causes others to respond favorably or unfavorably.

Is punishment a reinforcer?

Punishment is not a reinforcer. there is Negative Punishment and Positive Punishment, and also Negative Reinforcement and Positive Reinforcement.*Negative Punishment is a consequence withdrawn following a response that causes a behavior to occur with less frequency.*Negative Reinforcement is a consequence withdrawn following a response that causes a behavior to occur with greater frequency.*Positive Punishment is a consequence delivered following a response that causes a behavior to occur with less frequency.*Positive Reinforcement is a consequence delivered following a response that causes a behavior to occur with greater frequency.

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