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probably the most common cause of tennis elbow is vibration from the racket. the vibration travels from the racket to your hand, to your wrist, and then to your elbow. if you want to know how you can prevent this, or help it, you can put a vibration dampener in the strings. that will help a lot.

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Yes it can be bad for your elbow. As you develop your tennis skills, you may experience heavier racquets that could sometimes hurt your elbow. If you notice that your elbow throbs, see a doctor. There is such a thing as "tennis elbow" and it is where the inside part of your elbow is enflamed.

Any tennis player can get tennis elbow depending on how you hold your racquet, your follow through and how much spin you produce.

The medical term for "tennis elbow" is lateral epicondylitis.

Tennis elbow can cause a great deal of pain. It is important to first be diagnosed by a doctor before making assumpstions that you have tennis elbow.

Elbow pain is not generally attributed to arthritic causes, can be a symptom tendonitis, or tennis elbow. Consult your physician if pain worsens or before you begin any medication regiments

You only can download it if you register in the forum ( You have to go to "Tennis Elbow 2008" subforum and search the topic "Tennis Elbow 2008 demo version".

It is a repetitive motion injury, caused by stress on the tendons which attach to the proximal region of the ulna.

I think so as I have sore shoulders A week after being diagnosed with Tennis elbow

No, tennis elbow is caused by an inflamation or infection of the bursa surrounding the elbow joint. Sleeping does not cause this

Tennis Elbow did not come from anywhere originally. Unless the question meant 'from what activity'. Tennis Elbow is Tendonitis at/near the Lateral Epicondyle of the elbow. You can get Tennis Elbow as a Repetitive Strain Injury from activities like playing Tennis, or typing. You can also get it from single events like lifting some kind of weight too much/too long and injuring the tendon structure and starting a tendonitis dynamic. The mainstream occurrence of Tennis Elbow likely started as jobs requiring Repetitive Motion came more and more into existence. For a longer conversation about Tennis Elbow, see the article at

Generally a sore elbow. Sometimes, there may be a bump on the outside of the elbow and when hitting a one-handed back-hand, the elbow may hurt. Causes include hitting one-handed backhands, using topspin, improper form or overuse.

Rod Laver, Tony Roche, and Arthur Ashe all ended up with tennis elbow. They hit the ball primarily with their wrists. This puts tremendous force on the elbow. Pancho Gonzales, Ken Rosewall, and Pancho Segura were immune to tennis elbow. They hit the ball from the shoulder down.

No its not, the technical term is elbow bursitis and its a painful condition caused by constant pressure on the elbow, think a housewife leaning on her elbow while cleaning, hence the name. Golfer's elbow is tennis elbow a tendonitis condition, completely different. Link below will help.

This strap is called a counterforce brace.

Tennis Elbow is caused by overuse of the muscles in your forearm, and those surrounding your elbow. It is often caused by sports like tennis and racquetball, but can also be caused by other activities. Activities that require use of those muscles, such as gardening, using scissors or swimming can also cause Tennis Elbow.

Injections are medical procedures beyond first aid. So treatment for tennis elbow with cortisone shots would be OSHA recordable - but only if the problem (tennis elbow) was the result of paid employment activity or was aggravated by paid employment activity. Unless you are a tennis pro working for someone else, getting tennis elbow from playing tennis is unlikely to be the result of your work activity.

Justine Henin and Chloe Brandt!:)

There are a number of different sources of elbow pain, however activities that stress the joint will be the most prominent. These include sports like tennis or ping pong, as well as golf and baseball.

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It is not. Tennis elbow is the inflammation of ligaments in the elbow, primarily the lateral epicondyle. Strengthening muscles around these ligaments, such as the anconeus muscle, does help prevent straining the ligaments.

No its not. It is two different conditions. Bursitis is the swelling of a bursa sac and tennis elbow is tears in tendons in the arm near the elbow. The sources and related links can help you further.

The main health benefit of using a tennis elbow brace is that is offers support and protection to the elbow area. These braces often offer compression to the area.

Tennis Elbow aka Epicondylitis, often occurs as a result of strenuous overuse of the muscles and tendons of the forearm and around the elbow joint. These Tendons attach to the lateral epicondyle of the humerus.

Is glucosamine sulphate with chondroitin effective for tennis elbows?

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