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Interfaith marriages involving a Muslim man and a Christian girl do work, but it is rare for a Christian man to marry a Muslim girl. However Muslim and Christian expectations from marriage are very different. Whereas a Christian will at least hope that marriage is for life, through all ups and downs, Muslim men are much more willing to divorce and remarry, often eventually to a younger girl.

Some Muslim men enter into casual relationships with Christian girls, with no intention of marrying. They enjoy the opportunity for a sexual relationship, but sill want to marry a virgin Muslim girl, when they are ready for marriage. Because in these cases there is no intention of marriage, he is less likely to tell his family about the Christian girl.

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We all come from the same God. But have allowed religion to separate us.

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Q: What are the chances of a Christian and Muslim love relationship working and will a Muslim man ever tell his family of the Christian girl?
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