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Any person who is over-controlled is likely to slip the leash at the earliest opportunity. From direct observation, a tight leash simply means the person will be more inventive when it comes to a reason to escape. Intentionally frustrating your mate, be they man or woman, is unlikely to be to your advantage in the long run.

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Can you walk your hedgehog on a leash?

If you happen to have one, you probably can. Watch out for quills though! It depends on the hedgehog. Some people put them in an iguana harness/leash and walk them, but that can very stressful on the animal. You also have to make sure not to get the harness too tight, but still tight enough that they can't get out.

Is a dog becoming stiff while on a leash perfectly common?

leash may be too tight causing strain on hind legs or may be perfectly natural for dog. try loosening leash. if dog is jack russell then may well be pulling on hind legs

How do I know my wife is a virgin?

if she hasn't been penetrated or is tight then chances are she is one

Is tight-lipped a positive connotation?

Tight-lipped can be positive or negative. It means the person keeps what they know to themselves, which is often good, but can be bad.

How do you convert feet to radians?

In order to convert feet to radians, you will need to follow this equation: multiply by π/180Ã?. In order to convert radians to degrees, use this equation: multiply by 180Ã?/π.

How do you adjust a belt on a 91' silverado?

There is no adjustment. It has a tensoner that keeps the belt tight.

What does a belt tensioner do on an engine?

It keeps drive belts under tension (pulled tight)

How does rewinding cassettes keep them safe?

It keeps the tape inside of them tight. If the tape is tight there is a lesser chance of it being loosened and pulled out of the tape while it is playing.

How do you store cooking oil?

I keep mine in the cupboard with the lid on tight. It keeps for years that way.

What is a tensioner on your 98 olds intrigue?

A spring loaded pully that keeps the serpentine belt tight

How do you get tight belt in red rescue team without the codes?

The Tight Belt, which keeps your Belly from decreasing, can be found in the Far-off Sea or Purity Forest dungeons.

How do you walk a pitbulll puppy?

First buy a leash and collar and start walking the puppy when its young,if you wait to long it will be scared of the leash don`t pull on the dog let him go where he wants to start with,once the puppy is used to walking then you train the puppy to walk beside you and not pull you around, when the leash gets tight stop walking when the puppy stops then start walking again. Vets recommend a dog harness and leash, not a collar for starting pups off walking. Walking a pup on a collar and leash can damage the dog's trachea if the pup pulls, as they are prone to.

Where is the tensioner pulley on a 98 Mitsubishi Montero Sport V6?

On the front of the engine. It keeps the belt tight.

Can wearing Tight clothing make you sick?

Yes, Wearing tight clothing can make you sick. It keeps in sweat, it can sometimes make your skin raw which brings down your skins defensive's.

What should you do if one bra is not tight enough to keep your breasts from bouncing but is comfortable but one that keeps them from bouncing is so tight that it hurts?

Buy a larger bra and your breasts will stop hurting

What are the chances of getting pregnant if the guys condom was to tight and didn't fit right?

Condoms are always too tight when worn by women. Seriously though, if he put it in you, you can get pregnant even if the condom fit perfectly. Condoms do not eliminate pregnancy, they just reduce the chances of pregnancy. Only abstinance will prevent pregnancy.

Why does it mean when a horse keeps shaking its head while being rode?

Are the halter and bit comfortably tight or are they irritating him.

The skin keeps bacteria out and reduces what?

The skin acts as a water tight layer and prevents excessive water loss.

Why does your dwarf rabbit growl at you?

The dwarf is trying to tell you he is mad at you for a reason. Maybe you touch his back feet, pet him when his eating, yell close to him, scare him, or you put a leash on him that was tight! (my rabbit growls when I put his leash on). Let him be for a few hours and pet him softly for a few minutes. Repeat this until he doesn't growl at you anymore.

What do you do with a very friendly large dog that drags you around?

When u walk him on a leash you should move the collar, preferably a choker chain, up to where it is directly behind his ears. Keep the leash tight to where he is required to stay right next to your leg. As he tries to pull away tug on the leash, controlling his head will control his body, like a horse. Likewise do not allow him to be distracted. If he tries to look to the side turn his head forward in the same manner.

Do male alligators take care of babies or female?

The female she keeps them in her mouth but when their swimming she lets them out of her mouth but still keeps tight supervision on her babies and attacks anyone or anything that gets near them.

How tight to tighten serpentine belt?

Your car most probably has an automatic belt tensioner that keeps the belt tight and in proper spec. If the belt has too much play in it, the belt tensioner will need to be replaced.

What causes engine whining noise in 05 sunfire?

Gas Lid not tight is the reason my eng. Light keeps coming on

Why would husband that got caught cheating on his wife be tight lipped like quiet at work and not really saying much about anything like he used too before he got caught cheating?

because he probably doesnt wanna get yelled at!

Are gecko leashes okay for geckos?

Yes. As long as you don't make it too tight on your gecko. Don't leave it on him/she for too long. (For more information, look up How do you make a leopard gecko leash)