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I'm not exactly sure what kind of good paying job that you could get but I would recommend visiting and looking into the 30000-40000 salary range and seeing if your job fits in there. Also do a search on Yahoo for jobs in that field and a website that's like will come up and it has the occupational outlook handbook. That is a good website and tells all of the top jobs and what degrees are required for each. .

Getting experience in the tech industry has become a catch 22. You need solid experience to get a job that will give you solid experience to get a job. In my opinion the tech industry has been making a shift over the past few years to wieghing experience against education in a more practical way that benefits corporations. If you can afford to get a year or two of experience as a tech at a small company, it can benefit you with practical experience; you can quickly become a "Jack of all Trades". You will most likely be fitted for a specific job at a larger company but the trade-off is it looks better on a resume. So to answer you question, you can get a good job with a good salary if you are willing to sacrifice a couple of years of mediocre pay. Companies look for stability in an employee as well as experience. This is especially true in the tech industry due to it's very nature. Being a "specialist" is where the real money is. Choose .net programming or Cisco routers. These are stable, niche markets that will always have a job available with great pay. The degree will help as well. You may also want to get your certification in a certain area. This often carries as much or more weight than a degree. Look on Monster or computerjobs. You can see what employers are looking for. Good Luck

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Q: What are the chances of getting a good paying job with an Associates Degree in Computer Information Systems?
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