What are the chances of getting pregnant while drinking?


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Drinking does not affect getting pregnant. In order to get pregnant, a woman must have intercourse. If the males sperm (released after ejaculation) fertilizes the females egg during sex then she can become pregnant. Drinking will not affect conception.


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ANSWERChances of getting pregnant during period are almost zero.

Yes,the chances of you getting pregnant when not on your period are higher

Same as always antibiotics don't avoid or help the risks of getting pregnant.

You'll get pregnant if the man uses withdrawal WITHOUT a condom.

Same as if she is not. Antibiotics does not protect from pregnancy or makes it easier to get pregnant.

Drinking while pregnant; especially drinking too much and getting drunk can cause fetal alcohol poisoning to your unborn baby. Wise up!

They do not. Taking the pill decreases the chance of getting pregnant, but it is still possible to become pregnant on the pill.

It is possible, and probably more common than people realise.

Depo-Provera is very effective birth control method, chances of getting pregnant while using Depo is very, very small. Geritol is a brand of vitamins that will not effect your chances of getting pregnant. aren't supposed to get your period at all while you're pregnant. So if you're having one, you should see a doctor

Zero. You can only get pregnant when you are ovulating (around mid month).

You can theoretically get pregnant while on the pill (though the rate of that is quite low), so a chance exists at any time you have sex that you can get pregnant.

If your reproductive organs were not affected by chlamydia, then it will take no longer than normal. Chlamydia treatment will not affect the chances of getting pregnant. You can get pregnant while you have chlamydia. While scarring from chlamydia can sometimes cause infertility, you should not count on chlamydia to keep you from getting pregnant.

You really should read the packet or consult a doctor to know the chances of getting pregnant while on it.

Yes, you can get pregnant. While on the medication, the pills help you control or reduce your chances of getting pregnant. However, how soon you might get pregnant differs from woman to woman.

With clomid there is a high chance of pregnancy as this will stimulate you to ovulate more.

Condoms lower pregnancy and STD chances by about 98 percent. However the condom might break which spikes chances of pregnancy. Be on a birth control to have double protection.

Yes, there is always a increased chance of getting pregnant when ovulating. When you don't ovulate there is no egg so you can't get pregnant although a orgasm can make you ovulate again.

Of course, if the sperm at all gets into the vagina then there is a high chance that the female will get pregnant.

it can possible during ovulation period ,more chances is during 10 to 15 days btween period,if a female have 28 days cycle

The pill is not 100% effective (no birth control methods are 100% effective) so it's possible that you could be pregnant. The chances are low though. To further lower your chances of getting pregnant, perhaps consider also using condoms or another form of birth control (that won't clash with the pill, ie. something non-hormonal) such as the cap.

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