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What are the characteristics of vaseline shampoo?

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Vaseline shampoo has a distinct, attractive smell to keep the user feeling fresh. The shampoo has the ability to remove sebum and dandruff from the hair. The shampoo foams quickly for ease of use.

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Benefit's of vaseline shampoo?

makes your hair still shiny at 24 hours

What will happen if you will use vaseline shampoo?

Many people use Vaseline before shampooing. The Vaseline treatment is used as a remedy for dry scalp. A person can massage it into his scalp before shampooing the hair.

How do you get hundreds of ticks off a dog?

Wash your pet with any shampoo recommended by a vet or rub it in Vaseline. The Vaseline suffocates ticks and kill them. :) Hope it worked. Sorry if it didn't. ♥

Can you use vaseline on dreads?

Yes you can use vaseline on dreads. I would not recommend starting dreads off with vaseline, but if you want to use it to grease your scalp I will use just a little. If you use too much grease like vaseline, depending on the length and thickness of your dreads, when it's time for a shampoo you will have to use steaming hot water or as hot as you can stand it with shampoo to remove all the grease. If you are starting dreads off I recommend using beeswax, or beeswax gel,or find a brand that you are comfortable with.

Does Vaseline kill sperm?

Vaseline is simply white petroleum jelly. White petroleum jelly has no known spermicidal characteristics, so no, it won't kill sperm.

Can you shampoo a seven-week-old puppy?

Yes you can. If you are wanting to get rid of fleas, make sure the shampoo says it is safe for puppies. Normally the shampoo bottle (made for dogs) will give the ages that it is safe for. Make sure to keep the shampoo out of the eyes. Make a ring of shampoo around the neck first to keep the fleas from jumping on the head. You can put a dab of vaseline in the eyes to protect them.

How do you remove Vaseline from a child's hair?

You should but corn starch DONT USE BABY POWDER!! because it could damage you lungs, but the corn starch wont bring out the Vaseline one the first try so you may have to do it twice them use normal shampoo.

Can Vaseline get rid of pubic lice?

No, Vaseline will not work. Pubic lice must be treated with a shampoo containing specific ingredients. The shampoo is available at any drugstore or supermarket and can be obtained free of charge at your county health department as well. This is a more common health problem than you may think, so please don't hesitate to have it taken care of. Or, you can just spray your junk with Raid.

Is vaseline a solid or a liquid?

At room temperature and up to around 100o F, Vaseline is a semi-solid, or quasi-solid, which has characteristics of both a solid and a liquid. It melts at around 100o F, and behaves only as a liquid.

What is vaseline?

Vaseline is a petrolium jelly.

Is vaseline a mixture or a compound?

Vaseline is a mixture.

Is vaseline eyeliner?

No, vaseline is, 1. clear, so you can see it on your eyes. vaseline is for multipurpose uses, but not eyeliner

Can you put vaseline on your vagina?

can you put vaseline on your vaginia

Does Vaseline melt plastic?

Latex dissolves in Vaseline.

Can germs live in Vaseline?

Hi there are germs in vaseline

Can you fry chicken using vaseline?

No, Vaseline is NOT edible.

Can chlamydia be transferred through vaseline?

Vaseline won't protect you from chlamydia. You can't get chlamydia from sharing a jar of Vaseline with someone, though.

Will human shampoo make a dog go blind?

Hugely unlikely under any form of reasonable use. But it's not the best thing for the task. Human shampoo is not good for dogs as the Ph is different in the shampoo & not good for the dog's coat. Purchase a good doggie shampoo from your local Pet shop or Feed store or your Veterinarian. Put a little vaseline in your dog's eyes to protect them from the soap. It depends on how the shampoo is because a little strong shampoos burn your eyes and very strong shampoos may make the dogs blind

Home remedies for head lice?

Some home remedies for head lice are: Mayonnaise Vaseline t tree oil vinegar nutrigena shampoo- leave in for 10 minutes come it out for 7 days

Is Vaseline the same as petroleum jelly?

Yes. Vaseline IS petroleum jelly.

How does the company of vaseline test on animals?

Yes Vaseline does animal testing:(

Can i use vaseline while pregnancy?

can i use vaseline while pregnancy

Is Vaseline polar or nonpolar?

Vaseline is nonpolar. To prove to yourself that Vaseline is a nonpolar compound, simply try to mix it with water and see what happens.

Is Klover Vaseline equivalent to Vaseline Petroleum Jelly?

Yes it is. Kløver Vaseline is made in Norway by Lilleborg Fabrikker(Orkla) under a patented agreement with Chesebrough-Pond, Inc. from 1988, which is owned by Unilever, which again owns the patent and manufacture the Vaseline brand, also in the USA. - In other words - Lilleborg manufacture Kløver Vaseline for Unilever/Vaseline with the same recipe. In Scandinavia, the Kløver Vaseline brand is marked on Vasline's website as one of their products, side-by-side with their Vaseline Original Petroleum Jelly.

How to make glue without flour?

take 5 spoons of shampoo and mix 1/2 cup water to it. mix well. keep to boil. add Vaseline or any other body lotion. and it is done