What are the cliques in high school?

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cliques are groups of people who stick around with each other and generally are most comfortable talking with the people in their clique.
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How high is a high school basketball hoop?

The top of the hoop is 10 feet above the playing surface below and measured perpendicularly. The bottom of the backboard is 9 feet 6 9/16 inches from the floor (The lowest point) The vertical dimension of the backboard: 42 to 48 inches. The very top of the back boards described: 51' 6 9/16" to 5 ( Full Answer )

School supplies for high school?

It all depends on how you prefer to stay organized. I personally don't recommend doing back to school shopping until a week or two after school starts. Until then carry a folder and notebook to each class. Get to know what your teacher requires and then get what you need. Ever teacher is different. ( Full Answer )

What is a clique?

A clique is a group of three or more people who hang out together and are always seen having fun together. They normally go to events that the Alpha (leader) holds.. A clique goes shopping, goes to the same school, and are always with each other. Pronunciation: Click

What do cliques do?

Ok... well im in 8th grade im in a clique so ima give u a real answer.... Cliques... are bad.. we bring people in push people out. get in fight with other cliques... but u gotta have cliques its apart of life... I LUV SKYLER!!!! new answer; We don't always have to have cliques. we can all just ( Full Answer )

How high is a high school hoop?

The height of a high school hoop is 10 feet from the top of the ring to the playing surface directly below.

Who is a clique?

A clique is a small exclusive group of people associated by common interests or the will to accomplish common purposes. Hello!. I am in a clique and I love it because everybody is jelouse of me.

The clique?

A series of books by Lisi Harrison. It is about five girls, one of which has just moved to Westchester, where the story is set. Massie Block, the leader of the clique, her beta, Alicia Rivera, Dylan Marvil, and Kristen Gregory. Claire, new to Westchester comes, and messes with Massie and her picture ( Full Answer )

What is 'The Clique' about?

"The Clique" is a book series written by Lisi Harrison. It is also now a movie. "The Clique" is about a group of friends that are very self centered and only like people that are in there little group. They care about fashion, boys, looking beautiful 24/7 and about controlling everyone. Its a excell ( Full Answer )

Why are there cliques?

I think that there are cliques because most girls which I call wannabes don't know how to stand up for themselves so they hang around tough "popular" brave girls to back them up but honestly the wannabes don't know that the popular girls get into problems easily. I am in a clique well i have a cliqu ( Full Answer )

How do you get high grades in high school?

The same way you get high grades inelementary school by behaving, following school rules, doing all of the work. and when you miss a class then instead of telling everyone you weren't able to do it ask for extra credit work to bring the grade you would have had up more

Is high school musical a school?

High School Musical is not a school, but East High is a realschool. Its in Colchester. There is an actual school in Salt Lake where the 1st and 3rd movieswere filmed. The resort home where Sharpay lives is in beautifulSt.George, Utah.

What do you do in high school?

Learn English , math, social studies, physical education, science, and there are many other electives to choose from. For example dance, band, art, etc.

How do you get from high school to medical school?

In the US, in most cases you first get an undergraduate (4-year) degree - either a "Bachelor of Science" or "Bachelor of Arts" - then take the Medical College Admissions Test, then apply to Medical School (general students begin applications during the summer between their junior and senior years of ( Full Answer )

Why are there always cliques school?

There are cliques in school because most people fall into a category with what their interests are . If you are not in a clique then why not make some new friends and start a clique of your own . New cliques are spawning all the time just like the latest fashion so give it a try you never know what ( Full Answer )

Why are there bullies and cliques at schools?

There are bullies and cliques at schools because these freaks feel that they have to be mean and cruel to others to get what they want and feel higher than most other people in the social ladder. I think that there Are bullies Because some People Have A lotr Of Fun, Its just Not To feel higher An ( Full Answer )

Are there cliques in high school?

yeah but the way you watch out for them is seeing who people hang out with all the time then you know they are close friends!

What are some tips for girls who were in the top clique in elementary school and are now starting over in middle school?

Simply be yourself! I know you've probably heard this a million times before, but it's true. Also, remember, be careful with who you choose as your friends. Think about your friends in elementary school. Why did they like to be with you? was it simply because you were rich, had them over a lot, gave ( Full Answer )

What you have to do in high school to get a scholarship from high school?

I suggest talking to your guidance counselor first. He or she will be able to direct you to several local or national scholarships you that may apply to you. Once you have the information for available scholarships, you should make a list of all extra-curricular activities you've been involved in, b ( Full Answer )

How do you get into Medical School from high school?

In most cases (in the US), you cannot get into medical school fromhigh school. you must complete your undergraduate studies (which iscollege) after high school. Your major does not matter on yourapplication however, you do need to complete the courses that isrequired. Try to maintain a strong GPA. Y ( Full Answer )

Where can you get your high school diploma in school?

You can ask your office Secretaries or your counselor or even a vice or assistant principal and they would be happy to print one off. Make sure they make it official with the stamp if your giving it to some one like a scholarship app. or collage app.

Where is the school cass high school?

its located in Detroit, Michigan.In downtown. And if you want to know if its good.than hear from me.its the best of the best.they have a lot of events there.plus you have a BETTER CHANCE. i specifically said ''BETTER CHANCE! of getting a schalarship.trust me.i have went there myself.i got a schalars ( Full Answer )

Does Carrick High School have school?

Carrick High School not only has school it is a school and has grade 9-12. Check your school calender to check for days off and vacation days as well as summer vacations.

What type of school is high school?

In the US, "high school" refers to secondary education, grades 9-12 or 10-12, with students of ages 15 to 18. High schools can be public, parochial, or private, and can include courses in general education, business and trades, and college preparatory subjects. Most high schools and some junior hig ( Full Answer )

Can you transfer schools in high school?

Yes, you can transfer from one school to another. Just remember that your grades and transcript information will be combined from each school that you attend. For example, if you went to Airport High School and then transferred to Orange High School, your GPA would be a combination of the classes yo ( Full Answer )

How do you get a clique?

To get a clique, you choose 3-4 of your best/closest friends, who are all friends too. Together you will shop, talk and hang out all the time, with only those people. Gossip, secrets, and other info will stay between you , and you never betray them:)

How do you get high at school?

Your meaning of "high" relates to the affects of the use of illegal drugs. Illegal drug use and possession can get you arrested, but as it relates to the question, the drug is not stated in the question so i cannot fully answer the question. . Pills are easy to hide and take during school. . Smoki ( Full Answer )

Is undergraduate school high school?

No, undergraduate school is when you are in college attempting to obtain a bachelors degree. High school in other terms is called Secondary School.

How high is the high jump in middle school?

depends... I am a middle schooler and I can jump very high. But when I do highjump at school they start the bar at just below 1 meter or a meter then rise. If your jumping with me I jump from 1.30 to 1.50 meters. It depends on many things like who your vs-ing and where you are (school or club) and e ( Full Answer )

Can you drop out of school when your in high school?

yes and no. it is possible but you need to be 18 to legally drop out- that's anywhere from grade 11 to 13 ( voluntary 5th year). however if you choose to simply not attend classes you are being truant which is illegal and will not get you out of going to school. you will just be sent off to attend a ( Full Answer )

How high is a high-school hoop?

Well, It's bigger than an elementary school hoop, but it depends how high you are used to. I'm used to high hoops, so its not too big to me, but you might think it's big because everyone is used to different sizes.

Can you be in high school and night school?

Yes you can. You can also take online classes instead of night school. They work much better and you can still get the same credit. Check it out with your counselor. Good Luck! :)

What are all the different cliques in high school?

Popular Preps Popular-by-Association Jocks/Sporty Band Geeks Orch Dorks Choir/Gleeks Foriegners/Ethnics Punk/Emo/Goth/Scene Nerds (The smart ones) Geeks (The one no one likes) Loners Druggies/Drug dealers Sexually active (Whores/Sluts) Troublemakers Hippies Chess Club ( Full Answer )

What is the high school high jump average?

I'm a sophomore and I jump 5'10". That's about average or a little more than average but at big meets a lot of guys jump upwards of 6'6" but then again I'm only in 10th grade.

Where can you get the clique?

Barnes and Nobles, simply, try any book store near you, sometimes they can be found at the library, but it's rare, try the book store...:)

How do you take over a clique at school?

You can't really win over a clique, but you can try your hardest to be nice to them and do your best to be accepted by them. I do hope that you want in because you want to be their friends, not just because they are popular, because if you do, they may find out some day, and then you won't be friend ( Full Answer )

Which law school after high school?

In the U.S., before you can be accepted into law school, you must first obtain a four year degree from an accredited university/college.

What were the cliques in school?

Well this is just with my experience at my school: Weirdos Troublemakers Cheerleaders Idiots Emos Goths Girly-girls Football-players Jocks Class Clowns Loners Skaters Nerds Popular Surfers Tomboys Teacher's pets Mexicans Regular (may form own cliques through "friend groups") (I'm in here) Mathletes ( Full Answer )

How is junior high different from high school?

Junior high is 2 years, while high school is 4. High school alsomatters much more - especially sophomore, junior, and senior yearbecause these are the main years that colleges look at. High schoolalso offers athletics with frosh, junior varisty, and varsitylevels. High schools also offer better danc ( Full Answer )

Do high schools have school unifroms?

Depending on the school they may have a uniform, free dress but with colour guidelines and various other guidelines or free dress with a dress code.

What to have in high school?

Make sure you're always prepared for class. Have a notebook for each class for notes and class work, 2 or 3 pencils and pens, and possibly a folder or binder for handouts.