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He should pay to have the pool emptied, cleaned and refilled with the saline. That is what he is responsible for if he made the mistake. The owner could take him to court over it and win.

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2006-04-01 21:00:22
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Q: What are the consequences of the pool man accidentally adding chlorine to your saline pool?
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What are the consequences converting your saline pool to chlorine?

You shouldn't have a problem. You will have to check and maintain the chlorine level at least weekly.

How can you make your pool saline and not chlorine?

There is a common misconception that salt water swimming pools are chlorine free. Salt used in pools is "sodium chloride" When the salt water goes thru the generator the chlorine is released.

If you start using chlorine where once you had Bacquacil what does it do?

Chlorine is not compatible with baquacil. Nor is the saline (salt) system. For info on how to convert off baquacil e-mail me and I will reply with instructions.

Is adding salt to water and making it become a saline solution an example of a chemical change?

No, it is not a chemical change.

Can you add saline to a chlorine pool to clear algae and soften the H2O without totally converting to a saline system?

Yes you can. Start with 1/4 the normal amount that a salt pool would use.

Does swimming make your hair dry?

Yes, the chlorine in pools dries out your hair. Try swimming in a saline pool or out in the ocean.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of chlorine for pool maintenance?

The disadvantages are: The cost of chlorine, going to the store to pick it up, storing and handling it. Also, the effects of manual chlorination are dried-out skin, hair damage, swimsuit damage, chlorine odors on skin, red eyes etc. The advantage of chlorine is that it is the BEST KNOWN sanitizer/oxidizer for water, without exception. The advantage of a Saline Purification System is that you get the advantage of 'chlorine' itself, but NONE of the disadvantages of chlorine. It's a no-brainer to convert your pool to the saline system and get all your chlorine for virtually no cost (maybe $5-$10 per year in salt cost) and get none of the nasty disadvantages of manually added pool-chlorine.

What shoiuld you do ifyou get chlorine on your bellybutton piercing?

Flush the area thoroughly with either distilled water or saline, then pat dry the area.

What are the advantages and disadvantages for alternatives to chlorine for pool maintenance?

The advantage offered by most 'alternatives' is that they, at best, reduce the amount of chlorine you need to add. The only alternative which does the entire job on its own is the Saline (salt) System and although it produces 'chlorine' (from salt dissolved in the pool water) it results in NONE of the obnoxious features attributed to chlorine - no skin irritations, no chlorine odors, no red eyes, no hair damage. A saline pool does not need 'shock' chemicals nor does it require algaecides. Whatever you do, don't get sucked into believing that baquacil is a good alternative.

How can calculate concentration of NaCl in saline?

Some methods are: - measuring the density - using a salinometer - chemical determination of sodium, chlorine or sodium chloride

Which test involves placing samples of an unknown bacterium in saline adding different antisera and checking for clumping?

Slide Agglutination test

Can sterile saline be used interchangeably with injectable saline?

no sterile saline cannot be used because strile saline is different from injectable saline. strile saline is used for irrigating the wound and injectable saline in given intravenously

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