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Your question is not clear enough to answer. Can you give a more descriptive question? Are you referring to the groin area? Is this a result of shaving pubic hair?

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Q: What are the dark hard pimple like knots that form under then skin between your thighs?
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Why are there knots under the soles of footballl boot?

For grip between the player and ground there are knots under the soles of the football boot.

Can fibromyalgia cause knots under skin?

Yes. I have fibromyalgia and I get hard knots and bruises on my thighs they are so tender to the touch I cry just being touched or walking. I was told this was the cause.

How do you get rid of a cystic pimple under your arm?

put pimple lotion on it and lotion.

What Causes knots on your legs and arms?

knots under the right arm some are painful small knots spread out

What is an underground pimple?

a pimple under the skin.....hurts like crazy......can't pop it cause it has no head

How do you get rid of under skin hard pimple?

A "hard pimple under the skin" is either a boil or a badly ingrown hair. Either way, a visit to your doctor is the best bet.

Pimple like things under foreskin?

You have an infection. See your doctor.

What would happen to a mosquito that draws blood from a pimple?

It wouldn't. There is no blood flow through a pimple. Mosquitoes bite where there is a good throbbing capillary under the skin.

What causes a pimple to burst?

the reason why a pimple burst is simply because you sqeezed it or because there was a build up of puss under that dead skin and i wanted to expand more.

What are these small pimple like things under your arm?

Cancer lumpies c:

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Is it safe to pop a pimple under a beauty mark?

Leave it alone. I would put Neosporin on it.

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what ever knot they are ordered to tie

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The battery is under the front hood, right between the windshield washer arms. You have to lift the plastic cover (two knots, one on each side) and voila...

How do you get rid of large under skin pimple?

You leave it alone your bodys natural healing process with take care of it!

Why do i get night cramps in my thighs?

If your age is under 20, you could just be growing. I went through a stage that for a week my thighs hurt like crazy. Turns out at the end of the week i was a whole inch taller!

What does it mean when your glands under your tongue are swollen?

I'm not that sure but I got a pimple on my chin and all of a sudden my tounge swelled.

Can ice cure pimples?

Ice cannot cure pimples, but it can make them look better. When you have a pimple, much of the red part is swelling cause by blood rushing to the site. Just like icing a stubbed toe, ice can reduce the swelling in your pimple. This is good because it reduces the size of the pimple, but it is not a cure. You still have to take care of the bacteria and oil trapped under your skin, and if you don't the pimple will swell up again.

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Why would you have pain to the touch on your head above your right ear behind your temple?

Possibly a pimple or ingrown hair under the skin.

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What is a painful pimple on lower eyelid under lashes?

I am not a medical expert, but this sounds like a sty. I will place a link below that explains what a sty is.

Small lump under the skin in your arm pit area like a spot?

It may be just a pimple but if you are worried about it then go and get your doctors opinion.

You have this hard pimple on your forehead and it wont come to a head seems to be under the skin what can you do to get rid of it?

use tweezers and get it out or, if that doesnt work, see a dermatologist