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What are the differences through Taiwanese and Filipino people?

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taiwanese people are people from china. Filipinos are people from Indonesia/Malaysia.

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What do you think of Chinese and Taiwanese?

Chinese and Taiwanese are people plain and simple.

How many people speak Taiwanese?

Most of the old generation and some of the young generation in Taiwan speak taiwanese, and there are numbers of people in Singarpor speak Taiwanese too!

What do you call people from Taiwan?


What do you call the people in Taiwan?


What do Taiwanese people wear?

what do Taiwan people wear

Do most Taiwanese people practice a religion?

Most Taiwanese practice a combination of Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism.

People who live in Taiwan are called?


What do you call the people that lives in Taiwan?


What are the differences in Filipino and Japanese cultures?

The Japanese people make everything from scratch and the Filipino don't. The Japanese make their own paper, thread, clothes, puppets, music, dance. etc.

Who lives in Taiwan?

Chinese people do. More specifically, Taiwanese people.

Who are famous taiwanese people?

Chiang Kai-shek

Who lives in a Filipino house?

=Filipino people/ Filipino Family=

The origin of the Filipino people?

aetas is the original filipino people

Does Taiwanese people speak traditional Chinese?

yes yes

What is the origin of Filipino race?

Filipinos are an Austronesian ethnic group native to the islands of the Philippines. The Filipino People are of Asian and Pacific Descent, through their Austronesian Ancestors.

How is organization affect the filipino people?

How is organization affect the filipino people

What is the history of Filipino time?

Filipino Time is the most unique essence of being Filipino. Most of the people said that Filipino are well known for being late but Filipino people are hospitable, tough and industrious. We are hardworking people.

When did rizal wrote the poem to the Filipino youth?

because he love filipino people. because he love filipino people.

What kind of clothes do Filipino people wear?

What kind of clothes do Filipino people wear

Are Filipino people mangos or fruits?

Yes, people that have Filipino ethnicity have genes that are similar to mangos. In fact there is a theory that Filipino people originally involved from the mango fruit.

How do you say 'you're so beautiful' in the Taiwanese language?

Taiwanese people speak Chinese. In Chinese, it would be, "你是如此美丽".

What is the topic of a portrait of the Filipino artist?

Its about the Filipino people of the Philippines

Contributions and influences of Arabs in the religion of the Filipino people?

The Arabs introduced Islam to the Filipino people.

Why did rizal wrote the Filipino youth?

Before he died she wrote filipino youth to remember the filipino people

How do you say goodbye in Taiwan?

Zai jian (Zai4 Jian4) is Mandarin, not Taiwanese. My family says "Zai ken", which is the Taiwanese (Minnan/Hoklo) for goodbye. I don't know how to number the 7 Taiwanese tones. If you know Mandarin tones, the zai is approximately 4th tone, and ken (the k is between g and k, and probably corresponds to g in mandarin) is 3rd tone. It uses the same characters in Taiwanese as zai jian in Mandarin. The reason most people don't know it is that even many Taiwanese people, when speaking in the Taiwanese language, throw in words from other languages and say "bye bye", zai jian, or even sayonara (the older generation). The Taiwanese language and culture were severely repressed by the KMT government of Chiang Kai Shek and his son, who came to Taiwan in 1945 after Japan lost WW-II and had to give up Taiwan. The Chiangs were not Taiwanese but Chinese, and wanted to destroy Taiwanese culture. Speaking Taiwanese (as well as Japanese, Hakka and aboriginal languages) in public was illegal from 1945 until the 1990's. Mandarin was a language that no one in Taiwan spoke before 1945, and was forced upon the people. Suddenly, educated people were illiterate overnight.