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One Sect of Buddhism is Theravada Buddhism, and for the other is Mahayana Buddhism

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Q: What are the different sects of Buddhists?
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How do Buddhist get married?

Buddhists get married in many different ways because there are many sects of Buddhism in many countries. However, Buddhists see marriage as a secular event and are only expected to follow the laws in the countries they live in.

How often during a day do bhuddists pray?

varies between different sects of Buddhists. Nicheren Buddhists for one typically pray twice a day morning and night Buddhism is a very varied religion There is no hard and fast rule

What are the different sects of Hinduism?

i think there are no sects

Are there any celebrations for buddhists to eat food like meat?

Not all sects of Buddhism practice vegetarianism.

What are the different sects of Sikhism?

Sahajdharis and Udasis are two examples of different sects of Sikhism. Many sects are not recognized as orthodox by most Sikhs.

Do Buddhists believe in the trinity?

No, the Trinity is a belief of some Christian sects. Buddhists do not have any position on it. Buddhist do believe that the existence of, or belief in, god(s) is not essential to the achievement of enlightenment.

Who is the leader of the Buddhist faith?

In the same way that there are several sects in the Christian faith, each represented by their own leader, and each ignoring the leadership o other sects top representative (e.g. Baptists do no give any obedience to the Roman Catholic pope). Buddhists are divided into different sects each with their own leadership structure. There is no overall leader.

In Buddhism do they have a main god?

There is no God in Buddhism. However, in sects like Tibetan Buddhism worship different deities such as White Tara. All Buddhists are Atheists in the sense that they don't believe in God.

What are Judaism's different sects?

There are three sects of Judaism: Orthodox, Conservative and Reform.

Who are some famous buddhists?

There are many famous people who have or are currently practicing Buddhists. They can all follow different sects of the religion. Some are Kate Bosworth, Orlando Bloom, Richard Gere, Phil Jackson, Goldie Hawn, George Lucas, Jennifer Lopez, Tina Turner, and Steven Segal.

Why do Buddhists wear orange robes?

Note that all Buddhists do not wear orange only the monks of some sects. Others dress as the rest of the people in their culture and the laity all dress as others in their culture.

Why do buddhists go to bodh gaya?

bodh gaya is one of the four main pilgrimage sites for buddhists and is said to be the most important one as it is where the buddha achieved enlightenment. buddhists go there for may reasons but it unites buddhists and they can get closer to their religion and learn about differents buddhist sects around the world. hope this helps

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