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These are some types of chocolates, Milk Chocolate, bitter chocolate, powdered chocolate, Dark Chocolate, and white chocolate.

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How many different types of Cadbury chocolates are there?

There are currently over 150 different types of Cadbury chocolates. See the related question below for a list of types of Cadbury chocolates.

How many different types of thorntons chocolates are there?

Dear friend in the market wider range of thorntons chocolates like: milk chocolates, etc but now its discontinued because off season.

How to calculate nickel percent in chocolates?

There is really no way to calculate nickel percent in chocolates. There will be a different amount in all kinds of chocolates and none in some.

How many different types of chocolate bars are there?

There are literally hundreds and hundreds of different types of chocolate bars in the world. There are mabe a few dozen that are very popular, but thousands of small comapnies and stores exist world-wide that create and sell their own types of chocolates and chocolate bars.

What types of chocolates exist?

dark chocolate, milk chocolate. that i know of.

What kind of chocolate do they eat in Asia?

They eat all types of chocolates.

Which companies enable you to send purchased chocolates to a different address?

The following companies enable one to send purchased chocolates to a different address: Purdy's Chocolate, Butler's Chocolate, Godiva Chocolate, Whitaker's Chocolate, Ethel M Chocolates.

Who invented Hershey chocolates?

joe duenas was the one who creates and chose the different flavors for the hershey chocolates..now do i help?/

Which nut is in chocolate?

well the types of nuts in chocolates are normally walnuts ! :P

What chocolates are halal?

Chocolates that are halal (i.e. allowed for Muslims to eat) are those types that are not including licitly forbidden ingredients as Alcohol or pork fats, ...etc

How many different types of galaxy chocolates are there?

Galaxy have the following chocolate products:Milk Chocolate GalaxyCaramel GalaxyFruit & NutMinstrelsRippleCounters

What are some types of chocolate made by Sjaak?

Some types of chocolate made by Sjaak include Dark Chocolate with Expresso, Salted Caramel, Vegan Chocolates, Organic Chocolates and more. You can learn more at the Sjaaks website.

Are black labs and chocolates labs different breeds?

No, they are the same, they just have different coloring.

What types of chocolates are best to give a lady on a date?

The best types of chocolates for any kind of date , especially a first date would be anything very simple . A simple milk chocolate single rose would be a great option to choose .

What impact has the Hershey's bar had on your society?

Hershey's has made chocolate a very common material. Before Hershey's developed so many different types of chocolates and candies involving chocolates, such treats were not as widely available to the public. Because of Hershey, chocolate became affordable and easily available to mass markets.

What are different types of chocolate?

It all depends on what you mean. If you mean brand names or just flavors. Flavors are white, milk, and dark chocolate. Those are the most common types. Godiva is one of the common expensive chocolates. It all depends on what you're looking for.

What is the function of a Droga?

Droga is a great company in Los Angeles that produces different kinds of chocolates and candies. They claim that they make chocolates that are a mixture of classic and modernity in taste and look.

Does the word chocolates have an apostrophe in it?

The word chocolates is a common plural noun. It needs no apostrophe.If chocolates has a possession, it needs an apostrophe.The chocolates' flavor was enticing.The chocolates' dark color contained cocoa.

Can you use pack as a collective noun with chocolates?

Yes, although the standard collective noun is a box of chocolates, any noun suitable for the situation can be used as a collective noun; for example:a pack of chocolatesa packet of chocolatesa tray of chocolatesa display of chocolatesa pot of chocolatea fountain of chocolatea mountain of chocolates

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