What are the different types of families?

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The three types of families are the following:
  1. extended- grandparents etc
  1. single-parent- one parent
  2. blended- include a couple and one or more children from a previous relationship
  3. nuclear- have a husband, wife and one or more biological or adopted children.
  4. a gay family- people of the same sex having a marriage
  5. urban family - a group that consists of close friends who are like family.
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How are familys different?

families are different in lots of ways. such as culture, nationality and other interesting stuff.

Types of family planning?

There are a few family planning methods that a person can chosefrom. These options are, hormonal methods, IUD's, natural method,barrier method, and permanent methods.

What are the types of family?

There are different kinds of families everywhere . There are blood relation families and there are different groups of people who consider their group a family. There are many different kinds that originate from different parts of the world. You can google and find a wealth of information. Because o ( Full Answer )

What is the best type of cat for a family?

Mixed breeds like domestic short/long/medium haired cats make great family pets. They have great personalities, they're playful, and friendly. They can be all different colours, sizes and coat lengths. It's also a good idea to consider adopting a cat or kitten from a shelter, they are just as frien ( Full Answer )

What are the types of tamagotchi family?

If you are referring to the Tamagotchi v5, there are: Pure Families; The Mame Family The Kuchipa Family The Meme Family The Flower or Violet Family ( I heard both) Bad Care Families; Ninja Family Big or Large Family(I think Large) Petite Family. This is for the v5. There is ( Full Answer )

What is an open type family?

Open-minded families are willing to consider new ideas, often with an optomistic view. These kinds of families are supportive, understanding and caring.

Types of filipino family?

Nuclear Family - consists of oly father, mother, child/children living in one roof. Extended Family - a family that includes in one household near relatives in addition to a nuclear family (like grandparents) Compound Type - two Single Parent type of families together. There goes what we call st ( Full Answer )

What are different types of family?

There are many Family types out there. This includes: . Adopted Family's . Single Parent Family's . Separated Parents . Incest Parents . Foster Family's . Step Parents . Same Sex Family's . Reconstituted family's . Extended Family's . Nuclear Familys

What is the different between family and families?

The different between families and your family is that maybe they don't act well and maybe the siblings are fighting. In my family my brothers are getting into a fight and sometimes I don't really act well. What I think is between families is they act a little different to the siblings and parents ( Full Answer )

Does a dog have a type of family?

Dogs belongs to the family 'Canis lupus familiaris'. In fact, they are a domesticated subspecies of the gray wolf.

What is the different types of family?

There are 4 types of families but I forgot the other 2... 1. Nuclear Family 2. Extended Family Answer What ever you dicide to call the family there is only one recognised family of any worth. The father is the head of the home along with the mother who supports him. Children obey thei ( Full Answer )

What type of parrot is best for your family?

This varies from household to household. Here are my choices. . Budgies. Budgies can bite but it pinches and hurts less than a larger bird. I've had my budgies since I was 5 or 6 so I know that as long as there is supervision by an adult to take the bird away if it gets to irritated, it's fine. B ( Full Answer )

Why do you have the same blood types in your family?

Genes and traits get passed just like if your dad had bbrown hair and your mom had blonde hair you would either have brown or blonde so you either get your dad's family blood type or your mom's family's blood type

What type of family do sociopaths come from?

"Sociopath" is not a precise term, and we do not know the causes of the various personality disorders that are commonly referred to that way. There is a large body of opinion that childhood trauma or abuse is a contributing factor, but this is not known with certainty. Some authorities believe that ( Full Answer )

What are the Different types of family according to composition?

there are numerous kinds if looked for. but generally there are three kind of families. 1)rich families with joint family members. 2)middle class families with their religious beliefs. 3)lower class families with extremely narrow minded thoughts

What are some different types of families?

There are four different types of families. There is the single-parent family, the nuclear family, the extended family, and the composite family. . Single parent family - Consists of one parent (usually the mother). This family usually becomes the nuclear family, as this parent will typically rema ( Full Answer )

How are Chinese families different to English families?

This is based on studies and research. This also contains,information based on Amy Chua's article, "Why Chinese Mothers areSuperior" PARENTAL-CHILDREN RELATIONS Chinese and American families, have different models when it comesto the relation between parents and children. Now you are toremember, ( Full Answer )

What are the 6 different types of familys?

There are many different types of familys: 1) Where the mom hates the kids and leaves 2) Where the dad kills the mom and kidnapps the kids 3) Where the kids kill their parents 4) Where the grandmother is evil and destroys her family's life 5) Where they all die 6) Where they're all happy

How is a nuclear family different to a extended family?

A nuclear family includes parents, children, and any other relatives that live in the home, such as grandparents. The extended family are other relatives who do not live in the home, and can in some cases include close friends.

What are 5 different types of families?

Nuclear families (families with children AND parents), Step families (families with parents or parent who has/have children from previous relationships), Extented families (families with aunts, uncles, grandparents,cousins, etc.) ,Single parents families (families containing only one parent in charg ( Full Answer )

What are three types of family from the wolf?

a German Sheperd and a Husky are one type of Wolf. All types of Fox and the last one is A Coyote. And the first type of Wolf on Earth was a Wolf. That is really amazing i think.

What type of dog is good for a family?

There are many dogs that are good for your family but these are the top ten from http://animal-world.com/dogs/information/types-of-dogs.php 1. Golden Retrievers 2. Cardigan Welsh Corgi 3. West Highland White Terrier (Westie) 4. Irish Setter 5. Schnauzer 6. Labrador Retriever 7. Poodle ( Full Answer )

Is a sibling family a type of family?

Yes a sibiling family is a type of family which is found in the Caribbean. This is baically where a sibiling is in charge of the household in the absence of a parent/s.

What type of game is virtual families?

virtual families is a game where you raise a person, get that person a spouse, then have them raise a family of children. from there you build up generations on generations of your family to complete goals. overall a really fun interactive game. no vilolence, and is suitable for almost every age.

What type of family was Hester born into?

a family that was willing to, eventually, do whatever they could to get money. They lost all their money and sold Hester basically to an old crippled rich guy, Chillingworth, for his name and fortune.

What type of cat is the best with family?

The best family cat really depends on your family's lifestyle and the personality of the cat. It is best to look at cats at animal shelters to see which one fits your or your family's personality and way of life. Breed doesn't really depict what sort of personality a cat has, although some breeds ar ( Full Answer )

How nuclear family is different from joint family?

the Nuclear family is very much different from the joint family. For e.g. Very few people live together in joint family there are many people living together in one home. a person should not bother about the other people but in joint family; you always have to think about the other family member t ( Full Answer )

What are the 9 types of family?

The nine types are: Nuclear family: The traditional family. What most people think of while picturing a family. Male + Female parents, one or more children, pet etc... (For example the Simpsons) Extended family: All relatives that are not in the immediate family. (For example Uncles, Aunts, Cousin ( Full Answer )

What type did of family did Amy lee have?

Amy had a musical family. Her siblings and her all took music lesson's, Except for Bonnie, her sister woh died at age 3, when Amy was only 6!

How are these different from families?

In Alabama,Nice and beautiful place to visit ,Visitors are visit with their family and kids.There are many attraction places in Alabama.

What are the artificial types of family planning?

Artificial family planning would include the use of pills, the use of IUD, ligation or vasectomy, the use of barrier protections such as condoms, and use of spermicides and other biological agents.

What is the difference between families and families'?

Families is the plural of family. Families' refers to the possessive, so things belonging to families. The apostrophe is used to indicate that it is the possessive. . Here is a sentence using the plural: . "Ten families moved into the housing estate last week." . Here is a sentence using the po ( Full Answer )